Thursday, August 6, 2009

Estrogen Overload

I think Landon is feeling a little outnumbered by all the girls in the house lately - which includes the dog. Because this is what he drew the other day.

When I asked him what it was he said it was a sign that represented "No Girls". He was going to post it on his bedroom door.

Landon is not my artsy child. But he certainly was blunt and to the point with this drawing.

He really needs a brother.


  1. You ARE having a boy! MARK MY WORDS!!!

  2. hahahaha!!! at least he drew his OWN sign....MAC asked me to draw a 'no babies' one!!! *talk about un-artistic!!!*

  3. I can relate, little man! I need a little more estrogen here at my house!!!
    I guess if this one isn't a boy, you will just have to have another :) (but I think you are having a boy!)

  4. HA HA HA! That is precious! Sounds like Landon and Josiah can be best buds right now since Josiah is on a big "anti-girl" kick and only wants to spy on them. It didn't help that we let him watch the Little Rascals movie either...he now wants to start his own "he man woman haters club". Guess we should enjoy these days while we can since it won't be too much longer before they want to be around girls! Help us, Lord!


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