Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Operation Get Rid Of Papi

Don't let those pretty eyes make you cave. But somehow I have to get this pacifier away from the adorable little girl.

But there's one catch. I'm terrified. You see, Olivia never used a paci. We forgot Landon's paci on a trip one time when he was about 1, told him we didn't have one for him, and that was the end of that. It was a complete non-issue with him.

Lillian, well, she's slightly deafening without it. I fear losing my hearing if we give it up. Or at least the rest of my 5 braincells that cause me to function {somewhat} properly in this world.

And then there's the "baby factor". Which means that she could totally revert back or get worse after the baby's born. She'll probably steal any pacis that she sees around the baby anyway.

So what should I do? Take it away now and hope we don't have a relapse? Or just wait. 'Cause we all know she ain't going to walk down the aisle with it. Or even into Kindergarten, for that matter. I'm treading in new territory with this "pacifier at 2 years old" thing!



  1. Hi! I am not nearly as experienced as you, but Wiley did keep his pacifier until this past June. He was three for a month before we made him give it up. Up until that point for the past year (maybe a bit less than a year) we only let him have it when he was in bed (naps and nighttime) and if he a particularly bad spill. I think Wil's mom recommended that. It was helpful to make it more gradual. We finally gave it up when our good friends had a baby. Wiley "gave" his passys to their little girl. He hasn't had any problems (other than I don't think he takes naps as long as he used to when he had it), but he was also 3, so it was definitely time. We just figured he wouldn't go to kindergarden with it, and it didn't really bother us. Of course, with Lillian having a new baby in the house will I'm sure change how she reacts, but maybe gradually would help, especially since her world will be changing anyway, it might be comforting for her and keep you sane!
    good luck!

  2. Ummm, let's just say we have a three year old and an almost two year old who both get them during naps and bedtime... And on long car trips. I was going to make them both give it up before this baby is born, but why?? Like you said, the'll both just steal the new baby's. Plus, I'm like you and not at all concerned about this lasting too much longer. My three year old already hands his over first thing in the morning, with no argument, cause he's a "big boy and I don't need it!" Until he's sleepy. Then, I'm all for it because he passes out almost immediately when he gets it. Plus, Bert and I both had braces, so we're destined for them with the kids anyway.
    Lucy sucked her thumb until she was 4 1/2. Her teeth are actually quite straight considering. Our dentist even said that he couldn't tell she'd ever sucked her thumb, and no signs so far of Ty's passie causing damage either. He's even got an almost four year old who still uses one, so, there you go!

  3. I couldn't get my husband to give up my son's pacifier until he turned 3. I made up the Pacifairy and told him that if he mails his pacifiers to babies that need them, b/c he's a big by now, then she will leave him a prize in the mailbox. We had some friends who had two small babies and he said it was going to them. It was hard for about a week and then he got over it. My daughter is 19 months and I'm ready to get rid of hers too! I'm tired of trying to find them. The dog has eaten 3 or 4 of them so he may do it for me!

  4. For us, it was a pretty easy but unfortunately not the best way to take a paci away. You see when my son was 16 months old, he was one of the unlucky ones that contracted from another germie little kiddo from daycare the "hand, foot, mouth" disease. Highly contagious virus that could cause blissters on the hands, feet or mouth, hence the name. The sores in his mouth hurt him so bad, we wouldn't eat, much less take the paci. So after it was over, we never introduced it back. We were lucky...not so for my son.

    I have heard of a mom taking her little girl to build-a-bear and putting the paci inside the bear. So she always have her paci, just not in her mouth. Sounds practical, I thought.

    Good luck!

  5. I love the bear idea! Even with JJ being a few weeks older than Lillian we, too, are suffering from this same dilemma. He managed to go three days and nights without it since he had chewed holes through all his soothie ones and we had to throw them away. Then out of the blue he reverted to one of his sister's old ones and has held on with a vengeance since! M&M was a couple months older when she let go of hers, and she was already in a toddler bed. I think with the more children we have the happier we are just to have peace, forget timelines for things!


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