Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Club Pub

It's been a while since I've posted a Publix trip. But this week's savings really caught my eye. I almost quadrupled in savings what I spent out of pocket!

Total before sales/coupon: $106.91

Total savings in sales: $46.28

Total coupon savings: $37.25

Total savings: $83.53

Total spent out of pocket: $23.75

The glass plus was 25¢ each (can't have too much windex around here!), the bags of dog food were 99¢ each! Razors (fancy too!) were $1.50 each, Lunchables 50¢ each, rice sides that we love were 37¢ each, and the Total cereals were around $1.40 each. (Have you tried their cinnamon crunch total? it's cinnamon toast crunch for adults! but i plan on feeding it to my kids since it's much better than the kids cereals and packed with minerals and vitamens!) Yogurt packs were $1 each.

I also had a $10 winn dixie coupon that I needed to use. So it was basically some random things, but random things we use A LOT! :-) That's the point though - buy it when it goes on sale with a coupon - even if you have 10 of them in your cabinet anyways. Saves $$ in the long run!

I wish I had posted my CVS trip the other day. I walked away with 2 packs of HUGGIES diapers, chocolate, apple sauce and pure vanilla extract for $5! (and got $4.00 back) I've been able to sock away some size 1 and newborn diapers for the baby! Hoping to keep that up even after it's here - t minus ONE month! ahhh!


  1. awesome saves! I haven't done that well lately. My biggest save was the total before being 155 something and I paid only 93 something. Congrats!

  2. ARGH!!!! i SOOOOOO wish we had publix here!!! it seems that no matter HOW hard i saving rarely equal more than 33%....arg!! way to go!! {green with envy}

  3. I love your motto on buying when on sale and storing it away! How were you able to get Huggies for so cheap?!?!



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