Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I've Got The Gear To Prove It

When were in Oxford, we had to hit up our favorite Ole Miss paraphernalia store. We picked up a few things....the cutest visor for Landon, a shirt for Olivia, and wallet for Robert.

I had my eye out for a very specific logo.


And guess what.....they had TWO things!

A car decal....oh yeah. Can't wait to get that on my car! And now I'll be able to spot myself even easier! ;-)

And a Ole Miss Mom t-shirt!! I thought it was fun. Even though I'll probably only sleep in this t-shirt we had to get it!

So it's official...and I have the gear to prove it!

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  1. How funny!!! I had to buy and Auburn sticker for my car b/c it blended in the sea of minivans everywhere I went.


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