Monday, August 10, 2009

Parenting Tip #135

You can read about parenting tip #132 HERE and #133 and #134 HERE


i repeat.


Under any circumstances throw the baby in the bath with you and "accidentally" wash her hair with Oil of Olay Body Body Butter Ribbons Body Wash because the soap was already in her hair and you might as well not waste it.


After re-washing it in the sink with soap,


After at least 10 minutes of attempting to dry her hair, you will realize it's hopelessly greasy and start to play with it.

Which means:

combing it all back for the "Wet John-Travolta-in-Grease" look.

"Alien-Cone-Heads" look.

"Alfalfa-from-Little-Rugrats" look.

Which leads to the "Straight-Up-Scaring-Your-Child-To-Tears" look.

I couldn't help it. Her hair was just so plyable and fun to play with. I realized there was nothing more I could do. And I wasn't going to try and wash it out again! That stuff is tough! She woke up the next morning and it still looked like she had wet hair. more body butter ribbons "shampooing" again.

*She looks a little beat up in a couple of pics. But no, she's quite well loved on here at home. She just did a little concrete face plant earlier that day. But we're A-Okay!


  1. oh, Lindsay! that is way too funny. Once when I was about three I got into the vaseline and plastered my hair with it just five minutes before we were to leave for church. My mother said it took a week to get it out of my hair; too bad she didn't think to do all that with it!

  2. Ha!! That is SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!! Love the "Alien Cone-Head" look!

  3. ROFL!!!!! those a PRICELESS!!!! she looks 'thrilled', btw. i did that w/ my MAC, when he was an infant- cradle cap & vaseline. MY personal favorite was "wolverine". soooo fun!!


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