Friday, March 6, 2009

Parenting Tip #133 and #134

#133 - Don't let a baby (who you knows loves lipstick) find a bag full of red tubes of lipstick.

#134 - WD-40 has special powers.

We all know how much Lillian just loves lipstick. So I can't say I was shocked when she found a bag of lipsticks (given as a gift) and play Leonardo da Vinici in her room.

I found about 20-30 red lipstick stains all over the girls' (semi-white) carpet in their room. Now, I did not freak out too much because the carpet was a bargain carpet from an outlet store and I spent the little $$ I spent on it knowing that I could part with it one day because it was nice and "loved" on. :-)

BUT, I also didn't want to leave the stains there.

So I summoned my stain fighting weapon of choice - WD-40.

The first try:

Oh my goodness, I think it worked. But that wasn't a big one.

Try #2 - this one was a doozy - nice and dark: came clear out!

One more try - I cannot believe my eyes!

Ah, WD-40, you will stay a dear, close friend. You're many talents are multiplying through the years! And to that mother at chick-fil-a who made fun of me when I said WD-40 was going to take the lipstick stains out - well, you should really think before you speak next time!

Now the million dollar question is how to get nail polish out of Lillian's dress. Because she tried to paint her toenails yesterday. (And yes, I already tried the WD-40 AND Goof off!)


  1. WOW - I will definitely keep that in mind. My 2 yr old got into my purse the other day, but thankfully all she found was some red lip gloss!

    I'm not sure what to try for the nail polish, but let us know if you find something for it!

  2. Lindsay I LOVE LOVE your everyday posts.. They bring so much laughter to my day!! Plus this is obviously something that we will look forward to with Addison.. She gets into EVERYTHING!! Miss yall!! Give my love to everyone

  3. WHOA!! hard to believe!!

  4. DO NOT WASH THE DRESS. Take it to your favorite dry cleaner. Tell them what you put on the dress. They should be able to get it out. (My two year daughter did that with a white eyelet top that I loved) The cleaners got every drop out. Good luck. From a lurker in NC

  5. DO NOT WASH THE CLOTHES!!!!!!! Take them to your favorite dry cleaners. Tell them what you put on the clothes they should be able to get it out. Not that I am speaking from experience or anything:)! From a lurker in NC


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