Monday, March 30, 2009

More Tornados, Hail, and Sunshine

After 3 straight days of doing this:

(playing tic tac toe)

playdough creations:

letting Olivia have the camera:

and doing a lot of this:

We finally got to do a little of this!!!

The sun finally made an appearance around 2:00 Saturday afternoon. And it was so funny how fast the beach filled up! All those people (including us) that were cooped up in the condos completely flooded the beaches!!

Sunday was another beautiful day - not a cloud in the sky! So we got out there by 9 a.m. to soak up some of those rays before we had to go home! I got a good 4 hours in the Florida sun! :-)

But we're home now, and I'm sick. Ugh...I'm supposed to come back completely re-energized and rested! And I feel totally spaced out and stopped up! But at least my being sick will keep me home to reorganize for the week(s) ahead. And spend some good time huggin' on the ones I haven't seen in a few days. I wish I could kiss 'em though....but I'll save that for in a few days!!


  1. Glad you FINALLY got onto the beach! I hope you feel better soon. Get plenty of rest!

  2. So do you at least feel better that your tan lines are a little darker? It was weird to see Robert at church without you! He seemed to be handling it fine. I don't know if my husband could make it through church with two children if I wasn't there. lol

  3. Im glad that you guys are home.. UMMMM.. I have only one question.. Where is the baby belly?? Linds.. You look awesome.. Have you started feeling little kicks yet??

  4. I would give anything for four hours of Florida sun! Cabin Fever is a serious and terrible condition. Glad you ladies enjoyed your girl time on the beach!

  5. Wow! You don't look pregnant at all! I am excited you got 4 hours on the beach- I can't wait until I get out there :) Of course, this year I will be chasing down a baby rather than carrying it around inside me!

  6. what's in the water? can i ask? ok i haven't checked out blogs in a really long time. i am, annie and now i just looked at leslie's and baby jace is here. anyone else i should know about? i'm afraid to come to b'ham hehe! hope you doing look fabulous and everyone looks healthy! love


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