Thursday, March 12, 2009

CVS Trippin'

I finally made it back into my beloved CVS yesterday. It had been so long, I had ECBs about to expire in a matter of days. I only had $9.98 in ECBs.

Here's how it went down.

1st Transaction:

3 boxes of GM cereal - $10.00
Crest Pro Health mouthwash - $2.99
Colgate (BOGO) - $2.79
Colgate - FREE
Vaseline lotion - $3.69

Coupons used:

$3/15 CVS coupon
$9.98 ECBs
$1.50 - vaseline lotion
$1.00 - colgate
$0.75 - colgate (you can use 2 coupons for BOGO items!)
$1.00 - cereal

Grand Total - $2.14 (Saved $25.04)

Received Back - $9.00 ECBs

2nd Transation:

Huggies Jumbo pack - $9.88
Huggies Jumbo pack - $9.98
Huggies Jumbo wipes pack - $6.49
2 Garnier face washes - $10.00

Coupons used:

$5/30 CVS coupon
$9.00 ECBs
$1.00 - Garnier coupon
$5.00 - Huggies coupon
$5.00 - Huggies coupon
$3.00 - Huggies coupon

Grand total - $10.48 (Savings of $35.20)

Received back $5.00 ECBs!

So even though my out of pocket total wasn't a few pennies, that was still an unbelievable diaper deal. I will be going back to get some more jumbo packs of diapers for $4.88. You can't beat that. And the wipes pack too!

These coupons are available to print from this website. There are TWO Huggies coupons available. And I have never in my life seen a diaper coupon that large! You are able to print 2 (of each coupon) from each computer in your home! :-) So I was able to get several....and even had a few from last week! Needless to say Lillian won't need diapers anytime soon. But since we'll be buying diapers for a least another 3+ years, we buy even is we don't need - especially if the price is right!


  1. Is CVS emailing you their coupons? I haven't had a CVS coupon emailed to me in at least a year! What is up with that?! Where are you getting your $3/$15 and $5/$30 coupons?

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for the post! I work to save at CVS all the time but didn't know you could use two coupons on the bogo deals!!! Yippe!! Also thanks for the diaper coupon :)


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