Monday, March 9, 2009


When you know your son has a double header soccer game his first day of soccer ever, BRING A CHAIR! I don't know what I was thinking...standing there for hours. And knowing I was going to stand some more...whew, I learned my lesson.

But, wasn't it a GORGEOUS weekend. Finally, it just makes me HAPPY! All that sunshine! And I have a nice u-shaped sunburn, right on the middle of my chest...bright red, staring at everyone. Hopefully I can get it evened out soon. :-)

Landon had his first soccer game. And after only 2 practices, everyone thought it went much better than expected! Robert was an awesome coach. Landon, well, he kinda wanted to wrestle around out there more than play. But he did very well!

It was so nice to hang out with friends this weekend....and be able to keep the kids outside! What a difference it makes! We also went to Bruster's (I think they're starting to know us there now) Friday night. They were sure to remind us (of course, I was already on top of it!) that Saturday night was PJ night and if you wore your PJs you got a FREE waffle cone! Not a shabby one either..big, huge, yummy waffle cone! So you bet your bottom we were there in our PJs! And were treated to one monstrous ice cream cone!

Continuing our "stay outside the whole weekend" weekend, we celebrated a birthday at the park Sunday afternoon. Another gorgeous day. I'm so ready for this weather. Except, when cluttering my room with spring/summer clothes on Saturday, I had a complete meltdown. I mean, crying and all. (darn hormones) Nothing fit. (I guess that's what you get in the second trimester!) But you know when you're pregnant and you don't like things to fit the same way when your not pregnant. Not that I'm huge, but I've hit that point where everything's uncomfortable. Maternity clothes don't even look right on me yet. And it's not fun to go through pretty much all your clothes with no luck on anything fitting. It's quite depressing. For some reason this time around, I'm having a hard time embracing the physical changes that come with pregnancy. Usually, everyone is so excited to have a little belly and start showing. Ugh, not me this time. I dread getting on that darn scale, or trying on clothes that used to be big and now aren't. I'm sure I'll come around. But going up and down, up and down, 3 (and now 4)'s hard.

Ok, sorry about that rant. I've just hit that really awful "in between stage".

No pics of Olivia today..she was at the lake all weekend! But even in nice weather, pictures turn out better!!!


Love that shot (above) of Landon! Wind in hair, nice bright sky! Have I told you I LOVE this weather!?


  1. Ok, just typed a comment, and I think blogger lost it. AGH! Oh well.

  2. Hey - me too on the ups and downs of pregnancy and clothing...go to Target and get a Bella Band...they're like $16 and are AMAZING!!! I am still (at 23+ weeks) able to wear all my regular pants...I LOVE THE BELLA BAND!!!

  3. SUPER CUTE pictures! Did you make Lillian's outfit?

  4. Thanks! YES, and I meant to mention that...that's one of them and Olivia has a matching one. It doesn't have the monogram yet..but that's coming soon! Thanks for noticing!

  5. It's ADORABLE! You are very talented!

  6. Ugh! I hate the in between stage. Actually, as soon as I find out I'm pregnant my mental image of myself explodes even before I do. You still look awesome in all of your pics! I'm sure that right now you're still way skinnier than I am. I still can't get back in all of my pre-preggo stuff!


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