Friday, March 13, 2009


...Sewing!! I tell ya, when it hits me, it hits me. I just can't stop sewing. And I love it! I have 5 dresses finished (several that need to me monogrammed), 2 dresses that I can't put together until I monogram, and then 4 more cut out and ready to be put together!

And to those who asked about fabric...HOBBY LOBBY!! They have really stepped it up in the cute fabric department. And they have TONS of cute trim!! Hancocks is really going downhill.

Now, if it'll just get warm enough again to wear them all!! :-)

Also, Leisha gave me the idea to get some cheap t-shirts from Walmart and get them monogrammed! I'm going to have to keep them pretty simple for Landon. He's gotten really opinionated about what he wears these days! But I think he'll like them!


  1. Ooh, this makes me want to pull out my machine and whip up some cute summer dresses too! What pattern are you using, or are you sewing without one?

  2. hey sarah...these dresses are just a pattern i made up. but i really like the holly/hunter pattern...i think its by childrens corner.

  3. I've been sewing lately too! It must be the weather. PLEASE post pics when they are finished!

  4. ooh, I feel guilty now! Mercy really wants me to make her some more dresses, and I never feel like I have time and you are doing it for two out of your three children!!! Do you sleep? Like ever? Just asking....

  5. I have also gotten the sewing bug lately. I'll have to post the pics of what I have made. It is addicting though! I finally watched your video of tellin the kids about baby #4. So cute!!! I guess it's gonna be a boy named Jack huh! I'll go ahead and vote early for Baby BOY McClellan.


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