Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friendly Reminder

This seems to come up more and more often lately. But I just wanted to remind people that this is a BLOG - not real life. These are small glimpses into our lives that we choose to let you see. This blog hardly comes close to personifying what really goes on everyday in our life.

I do NOT have it all together. I can NOT do everything. I'm a huge sinner with an even bigger Savior.

I'm not sure people would like it if I posted every time I fought with my husband or yelled at my children. What a depressing blog that would be. I would be happy to share my shortcomings with almost anyone who asked - I ain't scared. But we'll save those for face-to-face, private conversations.

So please don't draw assumptions on us from just what you read here. Though I'm flattered by some of the comments I receive, I want you to know I'm still just an imperfect human. And I'm pretty sure some of you knew that already! :-)

And since we've had no pics of Olivia lately, here's one to make up for it!!

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  1. Lindsey - I am so glad that you do share your world with us! It is sad sometimes that people can't take things for what they really this case...a blog to keep people updated on a small part of your life.

    Hope things are going well with you all and hope to see you guys soon!


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