Wednesday, August 19, 2009


And ramblings of a pregnant woman at that! Who knows where this will go.

Anyhoo...I always liked when my pregnant friends posted updates about their pregnancies on their blogs, so I thought I could ramble on a little bit about the end of this pregnancy. I'm sure my out of town family would like to know what is going on too! ;-)

Let's see. 36.5 weeks. WOW. So close.....yet SOOOO far away. I always say the last month is just as long (if not longer) than the whole 9 months! But I'm feeling really good. Normal aches and pains for being 8 ½ months pregnant that aren't fun, but I really am blessed to have such easy pregnancies.

My appointments have been going well. I'd like think I'm my doctor's favorite patient. In and out in no time, no questions, no phone calls, and no problems! We'll just pretend I am anyways...makes me feel good. :-)

I opted out of being checked this week. Probably fearing news that would just discourage me. I'd be perfectly happy not knowing how "progressed" I am. I've stayed "nothing" for weeks, then went into labor and stayed 2 cm for weeks and went into labor. Then I've been overdue. So I tend to try and not listen to my cervix too closely. It doesn't consistently communicate very well in my honest opinion.

The doc did say it looks like we're headed towards a baby the size of Landon or bigger. I could have told him that. I've felt that this baby was bigger...especially compared to Lillian. It was nice for him to concur. But it makes me speculate "boy" a little bit too.

Baby names. Boy we are BE-HIND in this department. We have plenty of girl options (I like choices once the baby is born) but not really enough boy options. May have to work on this a little bit. :-) We'll see. It'll have a name eventually.

The only thing I really need to do before this baby is born is wash the car seat cover (even though I'm getting a new cover if it's a boy) and go through the newborn clothes. I will pull out all the white cotton gowns for the baby to wear for a while. Then I'll have a girl bag and boy bag ready to pull once we know the sex.

The only thing we absolutely needed for this baby was a chest-of-drawers. And there just happen to be an extra one in my grandparents garage that belonged to my parents. They said we could have it. And to top it of, to save on space, my grandfather built a cute railing around the top of it for a changing table. Voila! Now it just needs to put in the corner of our room and be filled with white blankets and gowns!!

Bad pic, but you get the idea. it can be removed once we are done with the changing table!

Next week will begin the waiting game - which is killer. I'll be "term" and it'll just be up to God and this baby to decide when the big day is. At my last appointment my doc and I had a wonderful conversation about delivery that really put a peace in my heart about things. I'm finally ready and can't wait to meet this little human that kicks me I know the kids are ready too! They are "so over" this baby-in-the-belly thing. They pretty much don't even ask about it anymore.

So, I think I covered most of the bases. It's been a pretty uneventful pregnancy. Let's hope the delivery is too! ;-) I'm ready to tackle the swing of things with 4 - and try and manage not to lose my sanity!!!


  1. cute dresser! You have to take newborn pics of him/her laying on their tummy on a blanket on that topper. Too cute!

  2. It's a boy! I'm just sayin!

  3. Love the dresser...we painted Josiah's bed, Joseph's crib, and their dresser black and it looks good...I will put up pics at some point! :) I am so glad you are feeling good about the labor now. What did you decide? We'll have to talk!

  4. Sounds like you are good to go! I can't wait to see pictures and hear about life with 4. So close!!!

  5. Love, love, love the chest and changing table! What a great idea! Can't wait to hear about number 4!!!

  6. I love the dresser! We have lots of black furniture, too. I so envy you in your uneventful pregnancy, so far I have no idea what that is like and our doc probably thought me his least fav patient with JJ. Can't wait to know the littlest one makes his/her arrival.

  7. yay for you! i've missed seeing you and so glad to hear things are going smoothly!


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