Thursday, August 13, 2009


And I'm not talking about my hospital bags. :-)

Our back packs!!! And all the other stuff we have to bring in for school.

Now if the first day of school will just hurry up and get here! August 26th is when we start. Apparently that's really late. I wish school would start after Labor Day and finish before Memorial Day. Then we'd ALL be on the same schedule. Wouldn't that be nice??

This will be Landon's very first day of school anywhere. He's been home with me for 4.5 years! It will feel very weird leaving him in the care of someone else. Even though I adore his teacher and she adores him. :-) Still, I've had him to myself for so long. Olivia had her as her 4K teacher and Landon's had his eye on her since! That's one of the things I love about such a small school. There's one teacher per grade and everyone knows everybody! So Olivia already knows her teacher - even though Olivia's teacher has known her since birth - and me since very young as well. We're all just one big happy family!!

Can't wait to see them in their cute little uniforms! (another perk about small schools!)

t-minus 2 weeks!


  1. awww, sweet!!! we don't start until SEPTEMBER 9th!!!

  2. I know they will love being there cute. What will Lillian do? MDO? Last question...where are they in school that they start so late? (Well, late for us here in Alabama :) Hope you are well...keep us updated as the week continues.


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