Monday, August 24, 2009

Napping Can Be Dangerous

Especially at our house on a Saturday.

It's no surprise to those who know us that our house pretty much shuts down from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 (more like 4:00) p.m. every day. The kids nap, I nap, the dog naps....but Robert. He disappears on the weekends during most naps. And can return with a truckload of surprises.

Sometimes the surprises scare me. I never know what he's going to bring home. Last weekend, it was almost a go-cart. YIKES.

This weekend, it actually wasn't too bad.

Three big boxes of books - many which we kept. Lots of childrens books and classic stories to read to them. And STICKER books. And we know how much Lillian loves stickers! A fun round futon for the kids playroom! And a desk. Don't know where that will go, we have a few desks, but if we can't find a place for it, it will go in our Goodwill pile - which is getting larger by the day.

A bike....21 speed too. It was free - not too shabby. And now that Landon can ride without training wheels, they may just have to go on some bike rides now!

And he also brought home a SINK. Talk about random. But he went by a local store which would best be described as a "Goodwill Home Depot" where you can buy used household appliances, parts, etc. for very little. It's a hit or miss place and you never know what they'll have out. But he seemed to score a GREAT deal on a nice ceramic sink! The hardware on this sink alone would have been twice what he paid!

The installation though...well, it wasn't a walk in the park.

It lead to my kitchen being torn apart at dinner time. It's a little hard to prepare dinner without running water or a sink. Let alone clean it up. (because the project didn't get completed until after midnight)

But there was some father/son under-the-sink bonding time. Always fun! :-)

But waking up to a clean, nice, new (to us) sink was AWESOME! I'm so glad Robert is so handy! Seriously, he can figure anything out!

It still needs to be caulked but I love the fact that there aren't any ridges around the edges of the sink. In our other sink, food and grime always built up in all the inner grooves and it drove me crazy! This one has a nice smooth surface around the inner edges! Sweet!!

But the best part of waking up that morning was realizing that my husband remembered to set the coffee. You see, I like my coffee ready and hot when I get up. And I am the one who sets it religiously the night before. I remember wanting to ask Robert to set it when he got the water back on but forgot. And the first thing I thought about when I woke up was how fast can I get coffee made. I had already decided (while still laying in bed) to use the microwave and some instant coffee samples we just received in the mail. So imagine my surprise as I arrive in the kitchen (already peeved about having to wait 90 seconds for my coffee) to see that the pot had already brewed!!!!! I literally made a "AH" sound out loud in my quiet kitchen. And as soon as I could, ran and thanked him while he was in his drowsy state of mind!! It just proved to me how well he knows me and how much he loves me!!! ;-)

Thanks babe! Your small effort did not go unnoticed - and definitely gave me a good start to what turned out to be an extremely emotional and dramatic day!!!

OH....if you even KNEW what we had to deal with this weekend......Stay tuned....


  1. we neeed a go cart for the lake!! i want mac and robert to make trails thru the empty land at the fork!!!

  2. oh my what happened this weekend?
    seriously I need to know where Robert got the sink! we have a bronze faucet that I need a sink to go with (stainless doesn't really go with bronze) and I don't want to spend much. Robert and my husband don't need to get anywhere near each other, because Tim is the king of yardsales and finds, like the two little tykes outdoor sets, the little tykes kitchen, and standalone toolbench he got for five dollars each. I sold the toolbench recently for more than he spent on all four!

  3. I want to know...what did you have to deal with? Oh, and Robert is amazingly handy! I have wanted a new sink for months and may be giving you guys a call soon (if he's interested). How are you feeling?


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