Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best $30 Spent

These last days before school starts have been hard to fill with fun activities for the kids. All of our VBS's, free movies, library programs, and camps are over! The park is just too darn hot to sit at - even for the kids - and everything else I could do costs a little more money than I'm willing to pay.


We jumped in the car one day and headed to Michaels. I told Robert I just can't sit and melt away outside these days. It's just miserable! But I'd be happy to craft away with the kids inside all day! :-)

We hit up the clearance aisles of our local craft store and found lots of fun things to keep all these little fingers occupied.

Modeling clay and little ceramics to paint. Each of those ceramics sets (with paint and brush included) were 30¢ each! I'll take 20 please.

Stamps! I figured we could work with Landon (and Lillian for that matter) on their numbers and letters with stamps!

Sticker books and little marker craft sets.

A bag full of goodies to be creative with and a bead kit. I also got Landon a puzzle. The kid LOVES them! And it's Superman too! :-)

No when we get bored, we pull out the big ole craft box.

Lillian's favorites are the stamps and stickers!!! She just stamped away! And it went mostly on the paper.

Landon painted his airplane for what seemed like an hour! He was so quiet and still - I seriously need to go get more of these. I didn't realize he'd like them SO much!

And these little marker sets kept his little fingers going for a while too!

Olivia went straight for the big stuff. Glitter, glue, pom poms, etc. She has crafted up a storm! I knew she'd be good at this! :-)

And Lillian only stamped herself (with glitter) once.

Crazy girl.

I think I have a new favorite store! :-)

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  1. Girl! I'm feeling ya on the heat! Well, not just the heat, but it's really the wonderful AL humidity that's getting to me. Yuck.

    Gotta love some Hobby Lobby though!


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