Thursday, July 30, 2009

She's A Pro

Big Weekend! And it actually involves OLE MISS!!!! :-)

Olivia is flower girl for the THIRD time in her short life! And this won't be the last either!! One of Robert's best friends is getting married and Olivia and Robert are both in the wedding. The best part is that the wedding is located at their alma mater!

We haven't been back to Ole Miss in 3.5 years so we are looking forward to taking Olivia and showing her where she was born! It'll just be the 3 of us so it will be so nice!! Not to mention seeing some old friends that we haven't seen in quite some time.

Can't you see it now...Head Cheerleader for the Rebels!

We had to take some pictures for some wedding info and here they are sporting their Ole Miss gear!!

I just hope I make it! It'll be a lot of walking and little down time for me. And I've been having lots of "busyness induced" braxton hicks lately. Especially if I don't get some time in the afternoon to put my feet up! I don't need this baby coming this early!!! The good news is the highs are in the low 80s for the weekend! YAY! Have I mentioned that this has been THE BEST summer to be pregnant!?!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We're off bright and early in the morning!

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