Monday, July 20, 2009

Jazz 'Em Up

This sewing spree has gotten me all "crafty". Well, crafty for me - since I do NOT consider myself that crafty. And I pretty much "borrow" other people's ideas....

I saw these CUTE little girls flip flops at a farmer's market here in town and was very tempted to buy some. But I held off and decided to make some for Olivia.

Olivia has these yucky, rubber $2 flip flops that she wears all the time. I would much rather her wear her nice white sandals, but she insists on going for these every day.

So we had to jazz up her plain, rubber flip flops.

I started out just making two bows from this blog post I did HERE. But I stopped after sewing through the middle of the bow. Then I took some craft/bead wire and wrapped it around the bow a couple times first, then pretty much just tied them onto the flip flops the best I could.

To cover the wire, I hot glue gunned a strip of smaller ribbon over the wire. And just wrapped it around under the flip flops. It's not perfect, but it works!! :-)

These are MUCH better now. And within the first hour of her wearing them out, she got a compliment on them!!! Oh yeah!! ;-)

So jazz up your little girls flips flops ladies!! This was a CHEAP shoe too! Probably cost me about $4 or less for the entire project! I wish Lillian's foot was a little bigger...I'd make her some matching ones!!!


  1. love love love them! what a great idea!

  2. Too cute!! Love the blog! When I dropped Evey off at day care yesterday, I saw a little girl in one of those t-shirt dresses. It looked adorable on her and I can't wait to make one. Of course, I have got to learn how to sew first :).

  3. soooo cute!!! loved the t-shirt dress tutorial!!


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