Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comparison and Dreams

I find myself comparing these 4 different pregnancies often. And it's funny how each one gets more and more laid back. Here are some areas that differ a lot!


Olivia - It was set up by the time I was 6 months pregnant - completely!

Landon - We set things up a couple months in advance.

Lillian - We set up the crib 2 weeks before she was born and then made her sleep in a pack n play in the den.

#4 - Not even going to bother dragging the crib out of the closet!

Doctor's Visits:

Olivia - Had written questions for my doctor almost ever visit. Even went to the ER when I had round ligament pains. Can we say PARANOID!? And the visits couldn't come soon enough. Arrived early and didn't want to leave.

Landon - Looked forward to the visits. Probably still had some questions. Had a few complications (kidney stones) with pregnancy and therefore was in touch with the Dr/Nurses a lot.

Lillian - Didn't go to the DR until 2nd trimester. Tried to skip an appointment but got called out by the Dr.!! :-) Dreaded going to the Doc because I usually had a 2 or 4 year old with me.

#4 - Can I please just skip all the appointments and just start coming about 3 weeks before my due date???!?? Pretty please? I asked him to push my last appointment back a week and he obliged! Let's see if I can get him to do it again next time!! :-) Sometimes I just call back and move it myself - I know...bad pregnant dare I do that!! It is just such a PAIN and HASSLE to go to the Doctor with all that we have going on. Not to mention finding someone to watch up to THREE kids! Not easy!!


Olivia - Talked about her ALL the time! Daydreamed, planned, anticipated her EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. The pregnancy lasted FOREVER!

Landon - Was very excited, couldn't wait, seemed to last forever!

Lillian - Went pretty fast until the end. The last 2 weeks were killer.

#4 - The weeks fly by, though my guess is that the last few weeks, when the kids are in school, will go pretty slow. So we'll see.


Olivia - Ate everything in sight. Have never been on a treadmill at his point. I was a very, very "fluffy" pregnant woman. Didn't care to lose it either afterwards.

Landon - Ate everything in sight. Did NOT exercise. Though began walking after he was born and joined a gym for the first time when he turned 1.

Lillian - Was more conscious about the calories I consumed. Exercise regularly. And it came off quickly after delivery! Imagine that! lol I learned my lesson twice before.

#4 - Still trying eat well. :-) Not buying (and downing) a slice of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake every Friday and Saturday night (like with Lillian - which is kind to the wallet). But not excluding ANYTHING from my diet! :-) Exercising often. But sometimes I pass off taking the (3) kids grocery shopping as exercise. Surely pushing that cart around is burning lots of calories!!! Not to mention carrying all the groceries upstairs from the garage!!! :-)


Olivia - homemade ice cream (that I churned up in my kitchen) with peanut butter morsels. Ate this breakfast/lunch/dinner!

Landon - Steak (rib eye to be exact) and potatoes!

Lillian - grapefruits and Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake - at least twice a week.

#4 - can't quite pin down anything specific. Went through a mushroom/artichoke phase. And spinach salad phase. And a roasted butternut squash phase. But nothing that I'm eating I would definitely say salty foods. I recently decided to completely stopped salting my food because I believe it was making me feel bad!! :-( Though I want to SOOO bad!

This is just a few of the differences that come to mind. Maybe I can look back at these one day and laugh!

And speaking of baby #4, everyone keeps asking me what I feel that it is. I go back and forth. I thought Lillian was a girl until around 6 months and then thought boy. Then when she came out a girl, I felt really bad for thinking she was a boy!! So I'm trying not to get anything in my head. In fact, I alternate days thinking about how a girl or boy would fit into our family!!!

I have had 2 very vivid dreams about this baby. The first one I had the baby at the hospital, no drugs, with my cousin Abby helping me. The baby came pretty quickly and it was a girl!

The second dream was not too long ago and the baby came so quickly I had it at home. It was a little girl with a head FULL of black hair and she had very pale skin. I'm guessing that was in there because our kids either come out with Robert's complexion or my complexion. The being born at home part had to be thanks to my friend Annie who almost had her baby at home. Baby Rhiannon decided to come in the car instead!! Each of my kids come quicker and quicker I guess I'm a little anxious about how this one will debut!!!

In the next few weeks I think I'll put a poll up to see what all you bloggy folk think the baby is!! This baby could be here in the next 6-9 weeks! Still seems forever though... :-(

Do any of you have varying thoughts with each pregnancY???


  1. I knew I was having a girl with Sophie. I also KNEW I was having a Boy with Selah and "boy" was I wrong=). Felt totally different with both of them. I think you are going to have a boy this time. That's my official vote! I had a very vivid dream two nights ago that I had a little girl and we had NO IDEA what to name her.
    I would LOVE it if I can help you have this little one, you and Rachael both!!!! I am not excited at all, can you tell=)

  2. MAC was so long ago...i don't remember much. except that i CRAVED OJ and green beans- haha! not together. i didn't gain wieght until the last 2 mon with MAC-- BUT i didn't ever lose it. had the nursery ready a couple of months before he arrived.
    DOODLE-my preg w/ doodle was WAY different than with MAC. so much that we thought HE was a GIRL. he was my LIVE WIRE!! that boy didn't stop moving for 9 MONTHS!! (OY!)...and well he was (is) HUGE!!!! i did dream i gave birth to an alien baby with him!! hahah. was also exausted. don't honestly know how i survived the move. i think i had his nursery ready about a month before he arrived.
    Bunny- well, haven't gained wieght *had a surplus though* and this one SEEMS more 'low-key' than Doodle. no cravings so far....
    so id say my first and thirs pregnancies were more alike...hmmm...we'll see... yeah...haven't even thought about getting the nursery ready!!! hahah- poor kid!!!

  3. My three were so different too! I LOVED going to the dr the first time. The second time, it was so so. This last time, I LOATHED it. I love my doc, but I felt like it was a total waste of time. Maybe subconsciously I knew he wouldn't deliver my baby. ;) Nah.
    I can't wait to meet your sweet kiddo! No doubt, he/she will be beautiful! I usually have my mind made up about what someone is having, but with you, I just can't pin it down. I change from week to week. This week? Boy. :)
    I hope you're having a great day! Oh, and I NEED that salad recipe. It was a HUGE hit! LOVED it!

  4. My two were very different as well. I craved all things fruit with my first and all things steak and meat with my second. The only similarities were that I loved chocolate and water (64 oz. a day) and smoothies. I went to the doctor a lot because of the complications with both pregnancies, and I was anxious to know everything was alright each time. Don't know how I will be the third time around in about four years, we will see!

  5. Funny, I did the exact same thing with my doctor visits. By #5, the on-call nurse calls you with questions! :-) Joking, but the receptionist doesn't argue with me over moving my appointments back further anymore. She's all, "That's fine, but if you have ANY problems, promise you'll call immediately." I've been very blessed to have uneventful pregnancies, so I don't see the harm in waiting an extra week. Except the ultra-sound appointment. I don't know how you've waited to find out! I don't have the patience.
    Good Luck! Maybe these last weeks won't drag out for you.


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