Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And The Award Goes To...


What award, you may ask? The Husband of the Year Award!!!

So yesterday was my birthday. No biggie. But my husband was SUPER thoughtful on how to make this day easy, relaxing, and stress-free! Exactly what I need right now. Even though only about 50% of it went as planned, it seriously was ALL the thought he put into it that made it so wonderful! Thanks babe!

It started with breakfast in bed! :-) Nothing better than a birthday biscuit to blow out to start the day! :-) And three sweet munchkins singing their little hearts out to me with their hands full of cards they decorated. I would have loved to have gotten a picture, but TRUST ME when I tell you it was a GOOD thing that I spared all of your eyesight!! Who knows what direction my hair and glasses were pointing at that time of the morning.

Moving on. His plan was for me to be child-free most of the day and get out to get my toes done, hair done and a little shopping done! But little did he know I already had a hair appointment scheduled for Thursday and painted my toes this past Monday.

But the BEST gift he gave me was to have my whole house cleaned! I mean, who would have thought that that gift would be the PERFECT gift! The sweet lady that helps my mom out every once in a while came to MY house to help me! Things on the floor are getting harder and harder to reach these days. Mopping has me acting like a cripple old lady after I'm finished, and bending over the tub to scrub it...forget it. I still try and suck it up as best as I can, but let's face it, I'm falling behind a bit. And with 30 sweaty, grimy fingers all over the house these summer days, things get dirty FAST! So taking a day (or so) off from cleaning was a true gift right now!!!

I did get to get out with only one child - which I consider pretty child free these days. Lillian and I did a little shopping and then met Robert for lunch!

I picked up Olivia and Landon at 1:00, came home to a CLEAN HOUSE, and we all went down for nap/rest time.

Then I got to go out for a nice dinner with my mom and sister! Friday night my sis is babysitting (part of her gift) and Robert and I are going out!!! I think this is the longest my birthday has ever lasted!!! But definitely one of the the MOST thoughtful birthdays!

Oh, and I have to thank my sweet friends on Facebook who remembered what yesterday was and wrote on my wall. I'll admit, a couple of weeks ago I took my birthday off my page to try and prevent a wall post explosion. (For non facebook users - facebook tells you when one of your "friends" has a birthday. Which usually results in TONS of people writing on your wall - even people you haven't talked to in 10 years.) But somehow there were a few that knew or figured it out! So THANK YOU for the sweet shoutouts!

A few of my "birthday happys" that I'm excited about are:

A new dress for these weddings we have coming up before the baby!! And there is nothing worse than being 8 months pregnant and feeling frumpy. No, it's not materniy, but maternity dresses seem to swallow me and I can't find any that I really like. And plus, with it being non-maternity, I can wear it not pregnant - duh! It fits very cute and doesn't get short in the front at all!! Best part of all - it was 65% off - much cheaper than any maternity dress I would have found!!

Some new shoes! I seem to go through (and completely wear out) MANY pairs of gold sandals! They are my go-to shoes 9 months out of the year. And, again, the best part of all - they were 50% off!!!! SA-WEEET!And also, my new cuisinart! I've been dying for one of these for a while. ALL the food network people seem to have this as one of their staple kitchen appliances. And last year my nice (kitchen aid) blender broke! I personally don't think it worked that well and had no desire to replace it with the same one. So, hopefully this will replace that and add many more functions to all my fancy cookin'! haha

And I still get to look forward to a pedicure from my sis (maybe I can talk her into going with me) and a nice, long, sit down dinner with my INCREDIBLY THOUGHTFUL and WONDERFUL husband!

Thanks so much babe for making this day and week AWESOME!!


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad it was such a great day - you deserve it!

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday! What a sweet husband you have! I love the dress you got!!

  3. um yes, could you tell robert to give trey a few pointers as my bday is in a few days... jk, trey usually does great, but bc of his schedule, i am not expecting much this year=)

  4. What a great birthday!!! You deserve it! :)

  5. Happy Bday! Where did you find volatile flip flops half off??

  6. Happy birthday, Lindsay! Glad it was so great!

  7. Happy Birthday! I am glad you got pampered. I love the dress and shoes, I was going to ask where you found the flip flops half off too. Enjoy your date night!

  8. The shoes are from the Pants Store! They were $27 (with tax) which is about 1/2 off from!! Great deal!


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