Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank You Home Depot

For keeping my kids entertained the.entire.weekend.

While bumming around Saturday, we made a stop at Home Depot. Well, outside the store there was an inflatable jumping gym, snow cones, and a little child's area that they could build a little tool box. The best was FREE!!! :-)

They let us take the tool box kit home to put together. They also gave them these cute aprons and a balloon. Well, right when they woke up from nap, they wanted to construct their tool boxes!!

We nailed and nailed until they were just right - Landon was a PRO! Then, since Robert already had the paint out while making some home repairs, we let them paint their freshly constructed tool boxes!!

It kept us outside in the beautiful weather all afternoon!!

Lillian just bummed around. She actually didn't care that she didn't have a tool box to paint.

While they dried, we broke out the popsicles.

And somewhere in all the fun, Lillian ended up like this. Just the way she likes things. Undressed, barefoot, toy in one hand, dessert in the other! She was happy.

When the toolboxes were completely dry, I let them paint them some MORE!! :-) Well, Olivia and I painted them. Notice the lack of creativeness on the box I painted... oh well, I tried...promise. It's just not in me.

They then proceeded to "repair" every piece of furniture in the house (apron's on!) throughout the rest of the weekend. Landon even sported his Bob the Builder hardhat most of the time.

I guess repair was in the air. We did all those little pesky house chores that you need to do when you own a house. Spray for bugs, clean carpets, patch holes, repair ceilings/roofs, restore toilets to normal functioning manner, etc. We just haven't had a free weekend like this in a few months! It was quite refreshing!

How was your weekend?


  1. love the picture of Landon! That face is just adorable. Glad you guys had such a fun weekend, can't beat those free things! Our highlight to our weekend was actually making it to church for the first time in about a month.

  2. I love Home Depot for the same reason. They have a craft thing (or whatever they call it) the first Saturday of every month and the kids get a pin to pot on their aprons for each one. We haven't been in a while, but it's a big hit when we do go! I think they usually have free hot dogs and drinks too, but maybe we were just hitting it on the right day.

  3. These pics are great! What setting did you use on your camera?


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