Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If there are any moms out there like me, it kills you to see your little girl without a bow in her hair. Olivia was practically born with a bow in her hair...literally had one in her hair minutes after she was born! Seriously.

See...minutes old!!

Lillian wore one for a while when she was little, but then just didn't have enough hair to put a bow with a clip in it and stay! And she was eating the ones I was "gluing" on her head. And so it became a hazard to her health. Now she is finally getting enough hair to hold them, and she's getting better at keeping them in and not pulling the bow out.

And around here, we have a thing called a bow fairy. Bows just seem to disappear! And the cute ones are expensive!! I had made some bows before, but could just never get it down pat. I pulled out my "crafty box" with my ribbon and glue gun at it and decided to give it another go.

This particular tutorial I used came from HERE. Though, of course, I tweaked mine bows a little. Instead of using wire (which I didn't have on hand and didn't want to go buy) I used a needle and thread to keep the peaks lined up - and sewed through it then wrapped the thread around. Also, I put a knot in the center of the bow with the ribbon I wrapped around and I used fray check instead of a lighter (because I had it already). I think they turned out just perfect!!

What do you think?

The only $$ I did spend was $3.94 for 2 spools of ribbon for Lillian - which will make 10 bow at least and $1.94 for 8 barrettes for Olivia. I need to get some wider ribbon for Olivia's bow and for a few dollars, I'll have SO many more bows than what I could go and buy!

I hope this also saves you some $$ and keeps our girlies looking so cute!


  1. Thanks, I was just trying to figure out how to make Mercy some bows and couldn't bring myself to pay the $5 a piece at Kid's Market or anywhere else. Will let you know how mine turn out, but don't have hopes they will be as good as yours!

  2. Yours are so cute!!!! I tried making my own too, but had a hard time getting it as well. I don't have wire either and tried thread, but didn't "sew" it like you did. I'm going to have to try that b/c I bought lots of ribbon to make my own. I just need to get some different clips b/c the ones I bought are too wide. Thanks for the thread tip!

  3. Cute! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Great job, Lindsay! You are so crafty!


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