Monday, April 27, 2009

Mommy Instinct....WRONG

Lots of you already know this but I thought I'd share the story! Because, boy, what I wrong! Landon broke his wrist and had to have a cast put on it! But this is one tough kid!

A week and a half before I took him to the doctor, he had fallen off the monkey bars. I was standing about 12 INCHES from him...looking up at him! My reflexes were just asleep and didn't catch him. (Isn't that how it always happens!!! I blame the pregnancy)

He was pretty upset and didn't leave my side or play the rest of the time. But his wrist didn't swell and he could move it in all directions, so I really thought it was fine. He was hanging on things and playing on it that night!

We kept checking on it over the next 24 hours and I talked to friends about it. I even called the nurse to talk to her at our pediatrician's office. I was just hesitant to bring him in. I really felt that it was just a sprain and sore.

So fast forward a week and a half (we've heard NOTHING from him about his wrist) and he's playing on the trampoline. When he landed funny on his hand and it set him off again. He was really upset and favored it. We decided the next morning, we were taking him in.

They x-rayed it and sure enough, his radius was fractured right below his wrist! Bless his heart! I felt SOOO bad! My mommy instinct was really off! (I blame the pregnancy!)

We spent practically all day in doctor's offices but finally got a little black cast put on it! We have to keep it on for 3 weeks! He keeps asking everyday when he's going to get it off.

Little does his know, it's pretty much a deadly weapon - coming from Landon! I've tried not to make a big deal about not hitting, etc. because of how hard it is. He could accidentally really hurt someone! We haven't had any incidents yet!

Please ignore the greasy baby in the background. I had just bathed her and she wiped honey mustard all over herself!! But doesn't her pony tail look cute!

Landon has officially beat everyone to stitches AND broken bones in this family. And I'm scared this isn't the last of it!


  1. Lillian looks just like you in that picture, Lindsay!

    Poor Landon! Hope he feels better soon!

  2. I'm with Elizabeth...Lillian looks JUST like you in that picture! I did a double take.

    Landon must be one tough little guy!

    PS I once babysat a kid...he fell off a trampoline. I honestly thought he was fine...He said his arm hurt a little, but he kept playing, etc. I told his mom what happened. She came by the next day to let me know he'd broken his arm. They never asked me to babysit again.


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