Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Real Life Baby Doll

The day has finally come. Where I have a real, valid reason to dress up my little girl! I played dress up a lot when I was a little girl. I loved putting on makeup and playing with baby dolls. Hey, I still love it...my baby dolls are just alive now! :-)

Olivia had her very first (and sadly, her last) ballet performance last weekend! Along with her precious outfit, the dress code called for makeup and her hair down. Olivia and I had so much getting her all dressed up!

Rollers...CHECK! Sparkly eyeshadow...CHECK! Mascara...CHECK! Blush and lip gloss...CHECK and CHECK!

Thank goodness we have the same makeup coloring (cool tones!)! Doesn't she look so BEAUTIFUL!! The mascara and plum shadows made her chocolate eyes pop!

She did spectacular in her performance! They were pilgrim girls. (It had an American theme to the recital). I got a couple of shots. It was hard since there was no flash photography allowed. And were were like 15 rows back! There were SO many people there!

She loved her flowers!

Robert's parents came in town to see Olivia and visit for the day! It was so good to see them! And I know Olivia really appreciated it!

Unfortunately, Olivia does not want to sign back up for ballet. We finished the year out strong but she wants to try something else! Which is totally fine with me. Hey, if it's not your thing, it's not your thing!


  1. Olivia looks so precious in all of the pictures! And your hair is getting long, Linds! I like it :) Now that you and Lacey have taught me how to do my makeup I wish you would help me with my hair!

  2. So pretty and what a special day!

    Where did you find your dress, Lindsay? It is SO cute!

  3. Aww! She looked so pretty and so grown up! I remember those days of first dance recitals and how exciting it was to get all done up! She looked beautiful! Hope you are feeling okay!

  4. She looks so grown up!!!! She's beautiful!

  5. Olivia looked as gorgeous as her mom! I like your hair,too. So what Does Olivia want to do next? How is Landon's soccer going?

  6. She looked beautiful!!!

  7. she told me she wants to be do girl scouts! i told her she has to be a brownie first. is there such a thing anymore? i loved brownies and girlscouts...thats how i learned to sew!


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