Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Doesn't Get Old

I have to post this stuff. For all the family and friends who aren't here to see all this. But I hope others enjoy it too. I love seeing cute ultrasound pictures!!

We had our big ultrasound the other day. I didn't go in with huge expectations of it being too fun or anything. But boy was I blow away.

I mean, I've had ultrasounds before. But none like this one! The other kids ultrasounds were quick and we never came away with any good pictures. I've learned that it's a lot about the tech you have. And we had a great tech this time!

We took Olivia and Robert went with me to (he's missed the last two kids ultrasounds). And the tech (also named Lindsay) was SO GOOD! She took her time and showed us everything! She got great pictures and chatted with us about everything. She made it so exciting and fun! Since she knew we didn't want to know, she turned the screen a couple of times just in case. She says she tries not to look if people don't want to know, but sometimes she accidentally sees.

I think it helps that this baby was putting on a show for us. Stretching all around and even sucking it's little thumb!! I've never had a kid put on a show like this before! She had to chase around it's little feet to get a decent shot. It was so fun feeling and seeing the little one move in there!!

I'm really regretting not videoing it, but we have plenty of pics to remember it by!!

I think it's something Olivia will always remember. She was so excited to take the pictures to school and show her friends!!!

Anyway, those are some of the pics. Hope you can tell what's what! :-) I'm just glad I have them in the computer in case something happens to the real copies one day!!!

Ultrasounds just don't get old. There's nothing like actually seeing the little baby move around in there. It helps make it really sink in for has yet to...oh well. Thank you Lord for this incredible miracle you've given us!!!


  1. that baby is beautiful. i love the profile picture. and those little feet!

  2. Soooo awesome! She did get some GREAT pictures! I can't wait to meet this sweet baby!

  3. How awesome! No it never gets old. Great pictures. I am so excited for you and your family. I loved the first picture.

  4. What a great report! So happy for y'all!

  5. Aw, I love the thumb sucking!

  6. GREAT shots! My ultrasound tech has always been great. She spends so much time with us and explains everything too. It's always been our babies that love the camera. :) I've seen them suck thumbs, in Asher's case, do a complete flip, and all kinds of cool things, but when it comes to getting their picture taken, they want to look RIGHT AT THE CAMERA...AKA...the alien shot. :) I have never gotten one of those sweet profile shots. Obviously your sweet baby is too cool to need the attention of the camera.
    LOVE THESE SHOTS!!! Beautiful!!!


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