Thursday, April 2, 2009

You Really Are There

It happened. It hit me. There really is a baby in there. Because up until now, it didn't feel real. I don't feel pregnant. Others don't think I look pregnant. (Note the "others". I can feel/see the little grapefruit-sized ball in there...but you know.) Life is so busy (in a good way) that I just don't have time to day dream about this little one. Sadly, we hardly even talk about it! I know...awful, huh.

But yesterday, as I was having some down time, I officially felt the baby kicking around. I had been suspecting little movements for a while, but couldn't say 100%.

At the risk of sounding extremely cliche, I tell ya, there is really just nothing like it. It almost brought tears to my eyes. The feelings are so sweet...the little bumps low in the belly. Considering there is not much that I love about being pregnant, this is something that you can't help but get excited about and want to keep feeling!

Now I just can't wait until Olivia can feel it. Shouldn't be too much longer now. Supposedly, in the next few weeks, the baby doubles in size or weight...or something like that. So maybe this will help it all sink in. Because Lord know, that in about 5 months, it's going to be my LIFE!


  1. Yes, the most wonderful feeling in the world! :) How happy!

  2. THE best!!! I LOVE those baby movements. It never gets old, and it NEVER bothers me...even at bedtime. It's the greatest feeling. That's what makes me saddest about this being my last pregnancy.
    Enjoy every little kick!!! :)

  3. Congrats on the new baby! I know this one will be just as precious as the other three!

  4. sweet! And very exciting!

  5. It is the best feeling, isn't it? I LOVE it!!!


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