Wednesday, April 15, 2009

To Crave or Not to Crave

So I guess this is going to be a pregnancy post. About cravings. You know, I had my doubts about pregnancy cravings. I just feel like we read books and it tells you that you will have cravings and then it's all you can think about. I mean, I have strong desires for food/things when I'm not pregnant. So it seems to me like nothing really changes. For me at least.

But this one really won me over. Like, who would ever eat/crave this...ever!

I made veggie soup the other night for dinner. I also made these Paula Deen rolls which I found on another blog. (I use light mayo, skim milk, and bisquick, btw - to lighten it up a bit)

It was all so good. I can't seem to make things spicy enough these days. So I loaded mine up with lots of hot sauce. I mean, my mouth was on FIRE! We're all sitting there at the table chowing down. The honey was also sitting there (for the rolls).

So, then, this strange idea to put honey on my very SPICY veggie soup consumed me. So I drizzled it with honey and finished off the bowl. It was delicious. Hot, salty, and sweet all rolled into one bite. Who could ask for more!

When I told my sister, she just laughed and was like, "That is so GROSS! And definitely a pregnancy craving. Who would have the idea to eat that NOT pregnant!"

I guess she's right. I would have never done that before. And probably will never do that again.

So, what crazy cravings (if they exists! ;-) ) did/do you have?!?


  1. Yep, that sounds pretty gross, Linz. :)
    I'll combine strange things sometimes, but nothing quite like that. I've had stuff like oatmeal and Doritos. I also started liking onions with this pregnancy. Prior to this pregnancy, I avoided onions like the plague. Now I LOVE them! :)

  2. Hey Lindsey! I have been reading for a while. When I was pregnant with Will, one night I made John drive around at like 8pm and find me a corn dog. Seriously??!! I hadn't eaten corn dogs since I was like 10. And I haven't eaten one since. But they were super good that one night!!

  3. with #1 couldn't stand the very smell of Tacos de carne asada (mexican staple) and I LOVE Them.. even now, I love them.. but I just had to stop eating them.

    with #2 bbq.wanted it all the time. and I never really cared for it before (now I still like it).. thank you Alex for that bad addiction.

    with #3- taco bell.. never really "needed" a crunchwrap supreme twice a week... but wow, that was my guilty pleasure with Eva..

    coincidentally, couldn't stand chinese with any of my pregs.. but LOVE it non-pregnant.

  4. I ate roasted red peppers and onions and squash with the first, which I never liked before that. With #2 loved sour cream on my pizza and just about everything else, still do that now, too. Also loved hot dogs with mustard (don't like mustard) and now like sweet potato pie which I didn't like before. But the sour cream thing is probably my most unusual.

  5. my sister used to pour milk over her chili...i consider that in the same league as your soup creation. all i craved was chips and cheese dip from taco bell...which is so gross!! :)

  6. hahaha!!! so if you put honey on your spicy it weird that the last time i made spicy chili i put honey in it?? i did. it was delicious!!! (not pregnant BTW)
    with MAC i craved orange juice and green beans...NOT together.
    with J-doodle...just anything i oculd get my hands on!! OH i did crave MAC's gummy vitamins...especially the last few weeks. miss you- love keeping up via your blog ;)

  7. #1 - Dale's sauce. Put it on everything, even my salad once. Its really awesome if you pour it in with some canned green beans. Don't knock it til you try it.

    #2 - Chocolate, but what girl doesn't?

    #3 - Arby's chicken salad. Once I learned the amount of calories in one of those, it totally explained the weight gain.

    #4 - Red meat. Not normally a big red meat person, so when I told my husband I wanted a steak, he replied, "I love you!"

    But I gotta admit that honey in spicy soup is pretty wild!


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