Thursday, April 30, 2009

Club Pub (personal record)

Still trying to do all my couponing! Easter threw me off...there were no coupons in the paper on that Sunday and the sale dates were all different. But I'm back on track!!

I learned a new couponing tip. Really, I can't believe it didn't cross my mind before. So we all know Publix takes competitor's coupons. They'll stack one manufacturer, one Publix, and one competitor coupon PER ITEM! AND, drum roll please.....PER PURCHASE!!

So Publix sent out some $5 coupons a few weeks ago. I called everyone I knew that wouldn't be using them and told them not to throw them away! Then I had some other competitor coupons (rite aid, cvs, and piggly wiggly - depending on which store's policy will take them) to use on top of the Publix $5 coupons! That's $10 off just with those!!!!!

But this trip was my best!

Total before coupons/sales: $100.73

Sales: $38.25

Coupons: $44.44

Total Savings: $82.69

Total out of pocket: $18.04

Let me give you a little run down. :-)

The razors (and i don't need razors - we're stocked up good) were $3.14 each. And I had a $4.00 man. coupon and a $2 Target coupon. They paid me $2.86 (per razor package) to buy each of those razors! Which turns around and ends up being $2.86 (per package) off your total! They don't actually hand you cash. So that was a great buy!

The sour cream was negative $0.01. The 100 calorie packs were $0.25 each, dressings were $0.84 each, juice $1.00 each, the capri suns were FREE (with man. and target coupon).

The cereals were buy 2 get 1 free and I had a coupon for $1.00/3 and free gallon of milk if you bought 3 cereals Publix coupon. So $7.00 bought 3 cereals (the HUGE boxes) and a gallon of milk! Not too shabby!

You get the idea!

It was a great trip. I threw in bread and cheese because I needed some! So if I stuck to my usual of only buying what I have coupons for, it would have been under $10!

Every penny is counting these day! We're sure stretching them far in the grocery/household area!!!


  1. wow. that is amazing. you totally impress me!!! also, was it you that did (or does) the grocery game?? i keep hearing about (i think?)

  2. that is awesome! I went to the Publix that we talked about that takes the competitor coupons and had no problem! Sad times that i can't go the one by my house but I just can't go there if they won't take my coupons!!!! Ha ha.... Loved the other post and think the preggo shirt is cute. Hope you,robert and the kids have a good weekend!

  3. great job, I am impressed. You beat me on my trip yesterday. I think I only saved $45, and spent $40. It is so rewarding though.

  4. WOW! You are our family's financial genius.


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