Monday, April 20, 2009

You're Not Going To Believe This

So you know all know how fabulous a Friday I had. And how much I was looking forward to this last weekend, right? Well, forget that! It was so fabulous because it knew how horrible my Saturday would be!

Woke up Saturday morning throwing up. Yes. Sorry if TMI. But I get this bug maybe twice a year. And it had to be this day. I could have sworn it was food poisoning. But I stayed in bed all day while Robert so lovingly kept the kids out of my way. Again, kept the healthy, fun, playful kids.....

So I'm all sick in bed and just about in tears. I was going to go to this wedding.

I manage to pull myself out of bed and shower just in time for the wedding. I did myself as best I could. We made it to the wedding and the bride was beautiful. So was the reception. And I'd love to tell you about all the yummy food, but I can't. :-( I nibbled a bit, but my stomach just couldn't handle it. So I nursed my 1/2 diet coke 1/2 real coke drink and water all night. I did manage to stomach down about 2 bites of the bride's cake. It was one of the best I've ever had. But that could be because I hadn't eaten in 24 hours! And when the server took my mostly-not-eaten-but-I'm-finished piece of cake away, I almost cried again. That was a first. Usually I polish off a piece of bride and groom's cake, plus half the buffet! But I sent away a pretty much full piece of cake. :-(

After leaving the wedding much earlier that I ever wanted to, I crawled into bed and got a nice night's sleep. My stomach even growled Sunday morning.

OH, but it get's better.

I wake up to Robert sick in the bathroom AND Landon telling me he threw up in his bed.


Our den floor was quickly covered with towels and movies were started. I kept eating to a minimum until I could tell how sensitive everyone's stomachs were going to be.

It ended up not being too bad. Just sore tummies, as the kids said. But I still had some messes to clean up. And I still wasn't comfortable taking the kids out in public. Thus, we were stuck at home. :-(

But this is my question. And it always seems to be like this. Why is it that when I'm sick, everyone else is just fine. Therefore, Robert just has to keep the kids out of the way and leave me to myself to get better. BUT, as soon as I get a little better, EVERYONE ELSE gets sick. Leaving me to clean up not-so-lovely-messes of 4 people by myself all while not quite 100% better yet!?!? I don't get it.....the life of a mom. Got to love it!! And I do. :-)

I hope y'all had a better weekend that we did!! I'm looking forward to a great week though. We go for our big ultrasound tomorrow. I'm excited to take Olivia so that she will have a bunch of pictures for herself of the baby. It's always fun to peak in there. Even if we aren't finding out!!!


  1. I hope you and your gang are feeling better!

  2. Yikes...I know how that goes. Hope your week is much better!!!


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