Thursday, April 9, 2009

Truck Fixed....CHECK!

I don't know if you remember THIS (scroll down to #8) incident last year. It was very scary....but no one was hurt. We kinda laugh about it now. Kinda.

The poor truck has been sitting there since then. It would crank, but it still needed a lot of work. Like $2500 worth or work that one guy quoted us!!! The truck isn't even worth that much!!

So Robert's frugal brain went to work on figuring how how to get a new bumper, fix the hood, tires, and battery (etc) for a lot less than that outrageous quote! And people...I'm so glad he did!!! Because after fooling around with it a little himself and calling around to a bunch of places, he spent less than one FOURTH of the quoted price!!!! Unbelievable! So please do your homework before you jump on board with whoever you plan on giving a wad of your $$ to do some work. It seriously pays to be frugal and do your homework!

But we are so happy to have the truck back. Now he can haul his painting stuff around SO much easier! We are so thankful we didn't get rid of the truck a while back. We are the kind of people that "need" a truck in the family. His little truck comes in handy ALL the time!

But one of the kids favorite things about the truck, are the rides around the neighborhood in the bed of the truck! It's a before dinner tradition around here. And Lillian is finally (kinda) big enough to participate. I'm just glad I'm not there to watch!

Typical Landon....

There she goes! She doesn't quite know what to think...or either she's thinking that she is!!!


  1. I totally agree with checking out quotes. We have a great friend who is a Nascar trained mechanic and another who is a mechanic manager at CarMax. Whenever we have any quotes we run it by them first to make sure we aren't being cheated.
    You are so brave to let Lillian ride in the back of the truck. I would be too scared to let her, since my cousin fell out once when we were younger and the truck wasn't even moving!

  2. L - These photos are SO adorable! I love the photos in the April Showers post, too ... so sweet!


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