Monday, April 13, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed...

Our Easter weekend started out like this:

With Lillian busting everyone's eardrums at the Bass Pros Shop. Seriously, that girl can hit some high notes!

Then after a wonderful church service, we headed for some great fellowship and food! That also ducks!!!

The sweet little ducklings, pre-traumatizing.

And now....drum roll please....being traumatized beyond anything their sweet little heads can process! Which included...

Being picked up and "accidentally" dropped back into the water!

Being held under the water against their will.

Being held by Landon...nuf said.

And fearlessly pursued by Lillian! Lillian was completely fascinated by them and was bound and determined to get her sweet little hands on them. No matter what part of the body she tried to pick them up by! (head, eyeball, wing, beak, foot...whatever she could get!)

Seven of the eight great grand kids (soon to be 9!!). And so many more to come!!

And look at that...a family shot! It's the best we could do....

Even better...a shot of Robert and I! One of the few we have! Thanks Aunt Lacey for takin' some pics!!

We had a great time with the little ducklings! At least they were spared the wrath of Robert! I just hope they don't grow up with some serious problems and harbor feelings towards people that are unsafe the human species! FYI, there are 4 little ducks that may have it out for someone one day....just sayin'....don't tell me I didn't warn you.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter Day!!!!! little ducks were harmed. There were plenty of adults supervise the safety of the ducks and the kids. They will go back to their mommy and daddy today. :-) And the kids were thoroughly cleaned after handling them! :-)


  1. What a fun Easter yall had!! My parents got us baby chicks for Easter one year when we were little. It's still a favorite childhood memory to this day. Except we kept ours as pets for a few weeks, then (as my parents had planned)turned them in to some farm people who had roosters. Unfortunately, one of them died prior to the move-out day. Got his little head stuck in one of the square holes of the crate. It was sad. Glad none of yall's got harmed! On a different note, great picture of you and Robert. Mom and Dad deserved to be photographed every once in a while, right?

  2. oh i just love those pudgy little hands picking up those ducks.. so adorable.


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