Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Surprised We Made It This Long

Without a trip to the ER. Yep, Landon beat everyone to the punch and got the first set of stitches in our family this morning. I'll keep it short and simple...because I'm goin' down for a nap after this. Our whirlwind morning has me a little sleepy!

The cute pottery barn kids kitchen fell on him. And ironically, he wasn't on it like I find him sometimes. The "pot rack" on the sink knocked him right over the eyebrow. I knew from the first sound waves coming from his mouth that we were gettin' stitches today. Luckily, it didn't hit any veins or arteries so it barely bled. But it sure was gaping open.

So what do you when you're home alone with three kids and one of your hands is pressing a rag on a gaping wound? Glad you asked.

You call you mother and your husband. And you sit in the same spot until they get there so you can take your hand off the wound. Then you high tail it to the ER.

Luckily, we know a little birdie that works at that hospital so we were pretty much escorted right in. We didn't even see the waiting room! Landon wasn't even crying at this point any more. But as soon as they tried to put him in the papoose, he let it all out again. I tell you though. I have a strong stomach. I've delivered 2 litters of puppies with my bare hands. I been in the operating room with my father. I'm usually pretty focused in high stress or gory situations. But I really almost passed out when I saw the wound gush blood when he was screaming. I had to rest myself against the wall with my knees locked. And I think I was sweating. I held it together for Landon, but it was tough. I'm so glad Robert was there to help hold him down with the other 4 people!!

I'm very glad it's over.

And he's very glad to have a superman band aid on his eye!!

And now, I'm off to nap!! :-)


  1. Poor little guy and poor mommy!! I know that had to be scary! I'm glad he is ok. He sure does have a big smile on his face to have had stitches today! =) He's a trooper!

  2. Let's pray that this is his last! The little guy is so strong. I've been telling everyone that if his strength per scale continues as he grows up, I'm gonna be in big trouble by the time he's 10! I hated holding him down, but I just wanted to be right there with him. I think that I was hurting worse than he was.

  3. Poor Landon!!! Poor you! I would have FREAKED out! Sounds like you handled it very well, and he got a cool band-aid. :)
    Glad he's ok. :)

  4. So sorry that he had to go through that (and you)! It looks like he made it though and is even smiling for the picture! That is pretty amazing that you haven't had this happen before now! I pray it does not happen again for a long time, I know it scared you all to death. I have a pretty strong stomach when it comes to watching strangers, but when it is someone you love, it is so hard to keep your cool.

  5. Poor thing. He looks so happy to have just had stitches though! You handled it great!

  6. Looks like Landon bounced back quickly! Good job handling that crisis!

  7. Poor little man! Looks like he was such a trooper & you were as well!

  8. Glad Landon is better!!! Isn't it the worst?? I too have delivered 2 litters of puppies bare-handed.... but a gushing of blood coming from your baby!!!???!!! I canNOT take that!!! It gets to me!



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