Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just Petite or Is It Me?!?!

So...Lillian had her one year check up Wednesday. She was as feisty as she could be - in a very cute way too! Running around like she was as big as everyone else...mimicking all the nurses...smiling and batting her pretty blue eyes at everyone! All, of course, while we were being weighed and measured by the nurse.

Then the DR comes in....dun dun dun.......I knew what was coming. Because I've been hearing it since before she was born. "You're belly is so tiny!! You must be one of those pregnant ladies who starve their babies! Are you sure you're that far along?" And then after she was born "She's so tiny! old is she? she's just too cute! so tiny to be standing up!"

Ok! OK! I get the point...she's petite..but her parents aren't gigantic either! I mean..give me a break.

I told the DR that I've offer her milk/formula very often (she throws up formula and sometimes takes vanilla soy milk or organic whole milk). I also feed well at every meal. I've gotten her to 2 nursings a day (which she would LOVE more) and then not to mention all the snacks she gets. I can't make her eat. I offer it, but I can't force it down her.

So, they're making me come in a month from now to weigh her again. UGH.

But I can't help but blame myself for her not gaining enough weight in the past months.

As a consolation, she does have and older brother and sister that she tries really hard to keep up with on a daily basis. Not to mention she can go up and down stairs, get off couches and beds, and open any cabinet or door she wants!

I just think she burns most of it off!! :-) And I've been told that I was really petite when I was her age.


  1. Lillian is just perfect! People can be so crazy. She's a sweet petite girl. :)

  2. It's funny because I think a lot of moms have had to go through the same thing. I know of two in particular. I mean, she's clearly not starving and will be totally fine. She has been walking for like...EVER! Just take the doc a picture of her scarfing down her ice cream cone. ;)

    She is such a gorgeous little lady with tiny parents. We all should be so fortunate. :)


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