Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why Oh Why

Is the library summer reading program so difficult for the moms to comprehend!?!?! I mean seriously...we're the ones really doing all the work. It's our library cards that are scanned, our brains deciphering the clues for the youngin's, and we're also the ones reading the books to them....so why not let it make a little sense to the grown ups.

This is my second summer signing up 2 kids for summer reading. It's also the second summer that I have to ask the precious, sweet librarians what the heck I'm doing...on a weekly (or so) basis. Though, I will give Olivia TOTAL props....she really gets the gist of what's going on. (Crazy that I have to ask my five year old how something works....and she's right!)

But you have to read the clues, search in the library, get 'X' so many cards, to get 'X' so many stickers, to then get to pick out a prize, only to do it all over again once you gotten 'X' so many stickers...at least that what I have come to understand...and it's probably wrong.

BUT, at least it ignites a fire under their bottoms to read. And that's what counts...right?!? Last summer we found tons of fun books.

Well, I'll be giving it another shot this morning...maybe it'll make more sense.

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  1. LOVE that picture of Lillian. She looks just like Landon there.=)


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