Friday, June 6, 2008

Train of Thought

Let me preface this by telling you I grew up hating being touched. I think it comes with my personality type. I had my first massage today. Here is what my brain was saying....

Ok, lie on the bed under the sheet on my stomach...she said she'd be working on my back and the back of my legs. Deep breaths, so that my muscles relax...I don't want to her think I'm uptight.....just imagine it's Robert up there touching me all over.

Ok......nice....I think I like it.......OOPS!?!....that's my butt, but it kinda feels good..........

Where do I put my arms...are they in her way?? this where everyone else puts them? Is my head in this thing right??? Relax...don't think about anything but how relaxed I'll feel after this....yikes, that tickled in the middle of my back....but NO laughing.....ok, calm down....

Ok, I guess she's going to my legs now...but wait...that's definitely the center of my I clenching??

Ok, now the legs...did I shave this morning??? Are they prickly?? Are the positioned right...I mean....I don't want them too far apart.....ya know!?!?!

Sweet lady massaging me says..."Ok, flip over, I'll raise sheet, make sure your head is on the bed"

WHAT?!?! I thought she said back only - I'm only wearing underwear!!!! Ok, just do what the professional says.....sheet's in place...ok, good....

so it's just my shoulders now...definitely like this...and my neck and she's at my ears, her fingers are in my ears...WOW....OK...did I clean my ears out this morning after my shower????.......oh well, too late now

now she's holding my head...should I lift up a little, or is she going to hold all of my head's weight...if I lift will, she think I'm tense and don't like it?? I don't want her to think I don't like it....

I think it's almost over...what do I do now....Did I like it?? Would I do it again???

Yes, it was great..but my mind was running so much!! HA! It wasn't so bad, I'd love another one some day!!


  1. You are HILARIOUS!!! I think everyone feels the same way during their first massage. Go for it again though!!!

  2. You are SO funny! Let me assure you, you will get over all that! :)

  3. Dying laughing right now! If you ever do another spa thing for the first time call me first so I can prepare you and you can enjoy it!!!

  4. you are so funny!!! sounds like you enjoyed yourself? haha!!

  5. laughing so hard right now! you made my night!!!

  6. ME TOO!! I was the same way!! My first massage was so stressful - well not stressful but it wasn't relaxing b/c I was busy thinking about how to be relaxed properly!!! Now, I enjoy them more! In fact - I am ready for one!! :) You think during a massage less and less each time! You are reminding me of my 1st massage and I think it is post worthy - so I will save the details for later! Thanks for the reminder!



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