Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the domino effect

yup...it was quick...first robert, then lillian, then landon, then me.....all-night-long.

Hopefully it's gone.

And yes, Annie...there is somthing out there. Olivia hasn't been sick like that in months or years even!

I'll be sleeping all day.


  1. I'm SO sorry!!! :( Bless your hearts! If I didn't have to work, i would come get all your kids. :(
    I hope you feel better! I'll be praying for you guys today.

  2. What a crazy night. I wouldn't wish last night on my worst enemy. Thanks for taking care of me.

  3. OMG! Bless your heart! I know the feeling! Once it starts in our household the well people need to get out and get a hotel room!

  4. Poor thing! Get some rest. I will be praying you all get over this very soon!


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