Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Call Me Nurse Lindsay

First Landon (with stitches), then Olivia with somethin' (we'll call it the "stomach ache bug"), now Robert.

I just pray Lillian or I don't get it.

It was a few rough nights with Olivia. The longest "bug" I've ever experienced with any child. Other than the initial throwing up, there were really no other symptoms but a bad stomach ache/nausea. Probably the worst kind out there. Finally she got better.

Then, Robert comes home way earlier than expected. Beelines it for the bed and hasn't come out. Poor thing. They say things are worse when you're an adult.

Thanks goodness I have my act together this week!! ;-)

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  1. Ok, so there IS something going around. Tristan LITERALLY has thrown up on three different occasions in his whole life, one of those being this past Saturday (except when he was a baby~not counting spit up).
    We were at the lake, he was TOTALLY fine, then after a ride on the jet ski, he started complaining that his tummy hurt. I, thinking it was because he was holding in his poo poo, made him go sit on the potty. Thank goodness I did! He filled the potty with "gallerila" (his word for diarrhea. Until that point, he didn't know what diarrhea was). Anyway, I thought it was because Channing's mom let him eat a pound of strawberries with his breakfast (yes, a pound!).
    So we got him off the potty and had him wash his hands, and he started complaining about his tummy again. All of a sudden, he started throwing up in the sink.
    He threw up a few times that day, had some "gallerila" during the weekend, and was fine by Saturday.
    He had played with Timothy on Thursday, so I immediately called Ashley to check on him. He was fine, but she told me today, he threw up and had diarrhea too later that afternoon. He only had each once, though.
    I had NO idea that anything was going around. The rest of us have managed to avoid it, even Asher. Thank God!!!
    I hope you guys can avoid it too. Tell Robert we hope he feels better!


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