Monday, June 23, 2008

Speaking Of Being Sick....

The kids knew Daddy was sick and they weren't to bother him. So, in order to do our normal evening routine without any of Daddy's awesome help, I sent the kids outside while I cleaned up dinner and took care of Lillian!

While they were outside, they were up to much good. (I'm not sure I'll ever say that again!) After a while, they came inside with papers in their hands heading towards Daddy. I reminded them they could not go in our room.

They immediately ran and got scotch tape and headed, once again, towards Daddy.

They were taping pictures that they had made outside for him on our door!

Awe....they just want him to get better...and spent their evening thinking of what they could draw him to let him know they were thinking about him!!

And the whole time I thought they were out there up to no good!

I admit..I was wrong. (for once) :-)

On another note, I may be sleeping on the couch tonight. I can't afford to get sick!

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