Tuesday, September 15, 2009


One of the things I try hardest as a mother is to really enjoy each little moment that comes with each stage my children are in. I will say, it gets easier to do with each child because you are reminded of truly how fast they grow.

So while I have a sweet newborn that wakes me up at night, I will sit and stare at him in the middle of the night until I can't hold my eyes open anymore because I will never get that time back with him!

And then I look up and realize I have a little boy that is growing up so fast that he's already "going long" for touchdowns and catches while playing football with his Dad! And a little boy that is turning into quite a little sports pro - with a very proud father!

Landon was taking this very seriously last weekend when we took our first family outing to the park!

Look at some of those faces - he is SERIOUS! He was catching a lot of them too...even while running!










Look out Peyton and Eli...you may have an Ole Miss record breaker there in about 15 years!!! :-)


  1. Wow, you are already getting out and about? I am impressed! This post gives me hope that I will survive the lack of sleep with baby #2 better than I did with Wyatt :)

  2. Look at that pro! He was really getting into it! They grow WAYYYY to fast! Before long, Rhodes will be out there playing football with his big brother!

  3. I love the third and fifth pics of Landon! Those faces are just adorable. So glad you are adjusting well to being a mommy to four.

  4. Love all the pictures and soo excited for ya'll!! Rhodes is sooo precious! You brought a fourth into the family and I am getting nervous about having a second baby :) IT does go by so fast though :(!!!

  5. those are GREAT!!! love it!!!


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