Monday, September 28, 2009

Finally Feelin' Like Fall Y'all

How about that weather on Sunday! Yes, I'll take more of that please! More than anything I'm ready for the mosquitoes to disappear! We all seem to get eaten alive every time we go outside...especially after all this rain we've had. But I think that nice crisp fall air is going to be settling in around here now. FINALLY!

Olivia had a recitation on Friday! Her little class is precious. They recited the Code of Conduct and the poem "Happy Days" by Oglevee. She did great - she's always memorized things very easily!


We cooked out Friday night and Uncle Walton got to meet baby Rhodes!


We got an early start on pumpkins last week too. And the kids were dying to paint them. We took some inspiration from these:


And got these:





And we also learned that Rhodes HATES baths - right now at least. I can't remember which children loved them or hated them. I'm pretty sure Olivia hated them at first. Landon probably liked them. And I think Lillian did too. But he's not so fond of them right now. Maybe it's because he has such a large audience. ;-) I wouldn't want to bathe in front of people either!


Speaking of Rhodes, Saturday night I fed him and put him down around 8:00. Which means I pretty much go straight to bed to get a head start on some Zzzz's. So around 1:45 am I wake up and it's quiet. I realize that I haven't gotten up with Rhodes at his usual time to eat - around midnight. So instead of going back to sleep and enjoying the extra sleep, my mind starts racing as to "why" he's not awake. So I get up and check on him. He's practically smiling in his sleep, snug as a bug. I tried to wake him because I don't want him going too long between feedings right now - really for my sake. :-) He hardly wake and eats so I just put him back down and didn't hear another peep out of him until 4:30 am. I think I've done that with every baby - get up because they're sleeping "so good" that you worry!! haha

He's such a good baby! And we had a lovely weekend!! Hope you did too!!!

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  1. I am ready for the park and to meet your lil man =) I am going with Rach and Melissa at 1 pm tom. (Trussville) Should come =)


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