Thursday, June 9, 2011

11 and Counting

All of the great grand kid cousins got together the other day.  On my dad's side of the family there are 11 great grand kids with one more on the way - Lacey's baby.  We all packed lunches and bathing suits and went to play!!

Landon wanted a coke.  I was kinda nervous because he's never had coke.  THANK THE LORD he didn't like it! ;-)  He doesn't need any help in the energy department.

We played and played...

The boys were, well, BOYS. 

We sported our speedo. 

Mingled with our California cousins!

And ATE!

Then I got my hands on the newest addition to the family.  5 day old Miss Selma Grace. 

SO.STINKIN.SWEET.  So good to get my hands on all these babies!  Then give 'em right back!

Cousin Trent came to wrestle and play for a bit.  The kids loved it.

Jack!!!  So cute!!!

Miss SG was very well loved on. 

Rhodes wanted to chill on the swing most of the time. 

Until he found a bucket.

And Olivia couldn't wait to do this....AWE!!!!

All 11 together....look at them all!  And looking at the camera (mostly) too!

And to think that only 4 of the 11 Adult Grand Kids have had children.  I have a feelin' this family is gonna be HUGE one day!

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