Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kinda Fun!

I don't know if you guys follow Pioneer Woman or not.  She posts all sorts of fun stuff on her blog!  I also highly recommend reading her Black Heels love story...that's where I got hooked!

Well, she puts on these Photography Assignments every once in a while.  The most recent assignment is "FUNNY".

Well.....heavens knows I have a few of those hanging around on this computer.

So I uploaded one.

And it was chosen in Group 2!!!!  I don't know if it's a winning shot, there are SO many other funny ones - like the Santa and baby and the pregnant couple!!  But it's still pretty fun to be chosen out of, I don't know, like 100,000+ photos!!!!

Oh, and go through and read the comments - there are some about us...SO FUNNY!!!!

And by the way, this is the photo I uploaded!!!

I don't know if I'm more excited I was chosen, or embarrassed that I'm in a bathing suit for thousands of her readers to see.  Yikes! ;-)


  1. It's a hilarious and adorable shot!
    How can you be so slim with all those babies!!!

    You are a gorgeous mom and your hubby is handsome along with being a crack up!!!

    Looks like a wonderful life :o)

  2. Of course I read PW, and this is so exciting! You're the second person I "know" to have a photo chosen in one of her contests. FUN!

  3. oh yay, congrats!!!! That's super exciting!

  4. Great picture!!

  5. Cute...
    you two look like newlyweds!
    p.s. thanks for the reply to my email.


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