Monday, September 13, 2010


Deuce...that's what Landon's baseball nickname is and his number.  And speaking of baseball...y'all I'm hooked.  I get it.  I just didn't understand before.  But, oh yes, I get it now.

After a few practices, Landon had his first game yesterday.

Half of the cheering section.....

I had no idea what to expect going into our first game.  I don't think any of us did.  But let me tell you...our team ROCKS!  For now at least.  Landon's first time up to bat, he was super nervous.  Not to mention the CROWD that is staring at him.  Which he isn't a fan of.  But he struck out his first go round.

Well, one inning down and he was starting to catch on to what was going on.

Second time up to bat.....

I think there's a slight smile on his face!!!  He's ready this time.

He hit a SINGLE on his FIRST swing!!!!

Here he is running from first to second!

And y'all, I'm proud to announce that I caught my baby's first run into home plate....SCORE!

Of course, I spared you the other 10 pictures since I had my camera on high speed continuous shooting.... ;-)

His team won!!  They're named the Rough Riders.  hehe

Landon scored 2 runs and batted several other runs in!  He had 2 more base hits!!  We were so proud.

He played right field and second base.  I think he did pretty good out there.  Sometimes the kids get the ball and don't know what to do with it!

But it's SUPER cute to see them all playing! 

So, now, instead of a bunch of lake and pool pictures, I'll be treating you to my new obsession. 

Little League.



  1. Hey, Lindsey! My sister in law told me that Landon is on Blaine's team this year. I will have to come watch one game! I know you are so proud of Landon. That's pretty impressive for the first time out!!!

  2. I totally agree! I'm into it now that our two eldest are playing, but I never cared about it before. So much fun to be out there cheering for the boys! Congrats to Landon, who seems to be a real natural!

  3. so fun! We aren't playing this season (football and soccer this time) but if he plays trussville then we are right down the road at the soccer fields:) I love little league:)

  4. Don't you just love them in their little uniforms! So cute.
    Our challenge is getting our "cheering section" to sit still! ha ha

  5. can u imagine the amount of FILM i went thru capturing horse shows, basketball, baseball, proms, birthdays!!! u are so lucky to have digital!!! i loved it too!!


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