Wednesday, September 8, 2010



You are the happiest, sweetest baby and you are ALWAYS smiling!

First family photo!!!!!!!

Just love this one...too sweet!

Two weeks old! 

This one still gets me...nails all the kids' personalities!

My blue eyed boy!

Big sister STILL is this way with you!  Although you don't sit quite as still anymore!


What can I say! The McClellans live on the edge!!  Life is always interesting around here!

Rhodesie boy is now WALKING!!!!  He's been taking steps for forever, but he seems to walk more and more everyday!  It's so funny to see him just stand up and walk across the room!  Of course, if he want to get somewhere super fast, he does this funny bear crawl - and it is FAST!

He finally has two little teeth now!  And watch out, because he'll just walk up to you and bite you!  Need to work on that but it's so funny - especially when you're least expecting it and it's on your toe or something!

I think his favorite foods are bananas and mandarin oranges!  He LOVE suckers and publix cookies!

He's always's super loud but super cute!  Even in the grocery store!

He just fell right into his role as 4th child!  And we are loving watching his personality grow a little more everyday! 



  1. Happy birthday to Rhodes!

    My eldest was a biter when he was teething. Twice at the home daycare, he took his paci out, bit a child on the arm, and put his paci back in. I guess that chubby arm just looked good enough to eat ... or to teethe on. :)

  2. Happy birthday to little sweet Rhodes!!

  3. i can't believe it!! i was just thinking the other day that it should be coming up soon, but had no clue when. i just remember you talking about it around the time school started last year. he IS adorable!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Rhodes! You are so adorable!

  5. Happy Birthday little man!! I was thinking about it too but I was thinking how crazy it was that he was already pushing a year...does time really go that fast!?

  6. Happy Birthday Rhodes! Amazing to see how they change the first you and change you huh? He is so handsome.

  7. Happy Birthday Rhodes! Amazing to see how they change the first you and change you huh? He is so handsome.


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