Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Eight Is Great

Happy Anniversary to my HUSBAND!!!!  I can't believe it's been Eight Years!!!

You always keep me laughing!!!!

Some people wake up after years of marriage and think to themselves, "Who did I marry...They aren't the same person....I wish they would go back to the person I walked down the aisle to!"

But not I! :-)  Can you imagine if we were still the way we were when we got married!

Things are leaps and bounds better!

Not to mention the 4 little ones....that (as you put it sometimes), "Just showed up one day!"

But wouldn't life be boring without 'em!

I LOVE YOU ROBERT!!!  Thank you for a wonderful, exciting eight years!

I look forward to at least several more decades with you!!

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  1. So sweet! Happy Anniversary to you two! 2002 was a great year to get married. :)


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