Monday, September 20, 2010

Baseball Galore

More baseball pics!!! :-)

Landon's team blew the other team out of the water yesterday at their game!! 

Apparently, there is a rule that you can't score more than 7 points in an inning.  If you do, it automatically switches it up!

The other team never did get 3 outs.  We ran it up to 21 then took it easy on them.

Which meant only running one base at a time, and switching up all the players and their positions.

Landon got to play pitcher for a bit.

Love this pic...they were losing interest!

I'm really starting to believe that we may actually be a really good team.  All of our players hit really well, and the team seems to understand what to do when they're out in the field!

And our coaches are SUPER patient and great with the kids!

I'm so glad Landon finally likes it and WANTS to go play now!  He loves hitting and it's finally nice to see him enjoy something so much!!!

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  1. Little boys in their baseball getups are so cute! my Ryan played alot of baseball...some in college. I hope Hagen wants to play! Of course if he doesn't then that is fine...but I'm secretly hoping he does!

    Oh and we too will be celebrating 8 years on October 26th...


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