Friday, September 24, 2010

Guess I Have A Project On My Hands

Y'all, I am NOT a "home projects" person.  It's just not me.  I don't pull pages out of magazines wanting to "get that look" or buy cute little things for my home very often.  I guess one day, when the chances of a random kid throwing up, or writing on walls, get super low...THEN I will desire a nice home and put our personal touches on it!

But by golly, I got SICK of looking at our kitchen!!!  You see, we have this fake, plasticy covering on the cabinets.  And with as much as all the drawers and cabinets get used, they started peeling off.  See below.

Well, regardless how long we stay in this house, it needed to be dealt with.

And let's face it....I needed a project.

Robert said he could get me a heat gun and start taking them down this weekend.  Well, I thought to myself...."I have a heat gun.  I just call it a hairdryer!"  And went to town about 2 days earlier than we planned!

Really, if I hadn't have gotten the ball rolling, who know how much longer we would have sat looking at it!!!

Here's what it looks like now! ;-)  Still in need of sanding...and then paint of course.

Please ignore random toaster on top of cabinets, nasty toaster oven on counter,  crazy rigged light over sink, ugly, multicolored floor mat, and baby that was SUPPOSED to be napping!  Mmmk...thanks!

Look at this gross stuff!  I can't believe we left it on as long as we did!!!

Good riddance!

My cute little helper!!!  Who clung to my leg whenever the hairdryer was on.  Then reached for the knives!  Seriously, there are way more forks and spoons to grab...why the knife?

So here is my question for YOU GUYS!!!

What color paint!?!?!?!?!

The counter tops are blue.  And we ain't replacing those....right now at least, so we have to work with those.  And the floors are dark.  There is so little natural light in this house already, that I hate to go too dark in the kitchen!  We need it as bright as possible.

On the other hand, super light colors show every.single.little. finger print and grim!

Sooo....any thoughts much appreciated!  Oh, and hardware suggestions too!  I'm not good at this stuff AT ALL!!!




    has some good ideas!

  3. i'm no self-improvement person either, but i have to say that i have honestly never seen or heard of what you had on those cabinets. that is the oddest thing! we had white cabinets in our last house and i'm with you, they do show finger prints. the cabinets we have now are the same color as yours, so i feel your pain. but my heart calls for a nice cream color. it just brightens things up. we can't paint ours, so i'm dying to see what you paint yours! good luck!

  4. i would say some kind of gray? maybe a darker gray?

  5. I totally see some kind of a cream with a glaze over it...but I do think that site the two ladies above is a great start!!

    I have the same stuff on my bathroom cabinets...I may have to experiment...Ryan is hunting so maybe I can just get it done and he won't notice?! Hmm...fat chance on that one...

  6. This is probably the kitchen I could have if I could start over from scratch. I think it's beautiful!

  7. Light taupey gray on top, several shades darker on bottom and keep your hardware! It looks good!

    I'm so excited for you! What a great, fun project! :)

    You MUST post the after shots!

  8. I def. think a gray or a light blue. I think it would compliment well with your countertops and the current backsplash.....good work!!!

  9. Use a high gloss paint (they are easily cleaned, and recommended for kitchens).

    Personally, I like the white cabinets, but I also think gray would be good.


  10. LOVING all the suggestions!!

    I was just informed by my painter, I mean hubby, that he was ONLY buying one gallon of paint. Because it was $60/gallon, it'll last forever, and it's the best of the best. Whatev. Guess he knows best!

    BUT, I think we'll experiment with some glazes after the Dove White Semi Gloss (I think) is put on...I guess I'll do what the pro tells me! Ha!

    Next up...a new light fixture for the breakfast nook!

    I think this could all actually be FUN! haha

  11. my vote is a semi-gloss cream color. I love smokestone, by martin senoir. so easy to keep clean!


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