Monday, August 30, 2010

My Men

My men, well one MANLY man and two strapping young men, were gearing up this weekend for Landon's first season of baseball!!!

Rhodes was all about being up in the action...for a little bit at least.

Intently listening to Dad's instructions!  Soaking it all in!

The other...well, he was completely distracted by the baseball.  I'm tellin' ya, it's born IN THEM!  He just automatically goes for balls/trucks/tools.  Never once tried to pick up a baby doll.  He's all boy!

He decided to watch a bit. 

Talk about Landon's love language.  He gets so upset if he doesn't get his "guy time" in with Daddy.  That quality one-on-one time where Robert gets to praise him and teach him.  He's (usually) all ears.

Then Little Man decided to conquer the stairs.  WHICH, by the way, he can go UP and DOWN on!  He learned SO fast!  Plus it's pretty cute to watch him turn around and feel for the step behind him, then scoot back and so forth.  :-)

Lillian came out to watch after bath time!!!

Y'all, Landon's good.  Like really.  If he'll listen to the coaches and not get embarrassed and just FOCUS...he could be the star player.  And he'll always be MY star player! ;-)


(Don't worry...lead-free paint)

Oh, did I mention he FINALLY is budding two little teeth.  They just popped up.  Just like that.  I had NO idea.  This boy is TOUGH!!!

Here I am.  Day old hair.  Glasses already on.  And pjs too.  We were having a very LOW KEY family night.  ;-)  And I realized I shoot with BOTH my eyes open.  Kinda freaky.  And I look through the viewfinder with my right eye.

And fun fact, my sis closes one eye and looks through the viewfinder with her LEFT eye.  She's such a weirdo.  ;-)

HAPPY MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i love it!!! i can't wait for t-ball.i was late and totally forgot that we could have signed him up last year so we have to wait until the spring this year. we are doing basketball at church and it's not one our sports, but i thought it would be a great chance to teach christopher about the whole team/coach thing. but he's really good at baseball too. probably helps that he got his first "t" at 19 months and has been playing since then. we haven't tried with a real bat and baseball yet b/c our yard is so small that he would definitely break a window. but if he focuses he can hit it over the house and out of the yard every time. we may have to go to a park and practice now that i think about it. i love watching rhodes!!! he is so cute!!!

  2. I definitely close my LEFT eye to take photos!

  3. I usually look with my my right, but I often keep both eyes open. I had never thought about it before, but I spoke with a professional photographer this summer who informed me that just as people are left and right handed they are also L/R EYED! You can tell mainly by the camera lens, but you can also tell which is your dominant eye by looking at an object, placing your thumb and forefinger in a circle around the object- at arms length and then close either eye. The eye that keeps the object in the center of the circle is your dominant eye. Totally irrelevant, but a fun fact for ya!

  4. OH. MY. Goodness. They are such dolls, your children! Great photos!


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