Monday, August 2, 2010

Wide Out

Hello friends!!!  Is it HOT where you are?!?  Because we can't do anything but float.  IN water.  It's almost too hot to walk to the mail box! ;-)

So having been floating in water for 9 out of the last 10 days makes it a wee bit hard to snap photos.  You know, since my camera isn't waterproof or anything. 

BUT we did make it to the lake again this past weekend.   And these were all the photos I took!!!

Rhodes isn't so much of a water baby, but he definitely seems to be a lake baby!  We would float him out in the water (on his back) and he would just splash and kick.  It was cute! ;-)

Lillian all the sudden became super cool with the water and her life jacket and has rejoined the family in the "floating activities" at the lake.  That or it was just too darn hot to sit on the dock and pout. 

So, about the name of this post.  One new thing around here is my new wide angle lens!!  I'm super excited to be expanding my focal range availability!  And I have one more (lens) addition coming soon.  I will soon be able to shoot a focal range from 17mm to 250mm and a range of f-stops from f/1.8, f/2.8, and f/3.5-5.6!  I think this should suit me for a while. 

So hopefully, I can challenge my photography skills a little bit over the coming months. It's felt kinda weird to be SO close to the subject if I'm shooting at 17mm!!!!

ISO 400 f/2.8 1/30 29mm

ISO400 f/2.8 1/30 17mm

I felt like I was all up in her face.  And I was...but it's kinda a fun shot.

ISO400 f/2.8 1/40 17mm

Rhodes was climbing on my legs and the camera was RIGHT THERE!  How fun to be able to catch so much in one frame at such a wide aperture!!!

I just love the next shot.  This cloud kept catching my eye.  I love seeing the rays of sun come out behind clouds. 

ISO100 f/16 1/200 30mm

Lillian eating dinner.  And WAS NOT happy about the camera in her face.  ;-)

Rhodes didn't mind.  ;-)

Blueberries and macaroni and cheese.....YUM!

ISO640 f/2.8 1/20 21mm

Another HOT week ahead!!  I hope I can find enough stuff to keep us busy!!!



  1. ooooh i am having camera envy!!! awesomeshots =)

  2. I think wide angle lenses are awesome!! They let you get so much more in your shot. Congrats on the new lenses! (And super love the cloud pic)

  3. WE WERE THERE TOO!!!!!!!! I just had this feeling you were there. We never went out in the boat but I looked for a yellow one in case you happened to wander down our way.

  4. Love the new lens (and pictures)!

  5. I LOVE my wide angle lens!!! I have a 17-225 and I rarely ever use anything else... And if it makes you feel any better I've been way up North on Lake Superior and still all we can do is float!

  6. oops- I don't have a 17-225, it's 17-125 =)


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