Thursday, May 22, 2008


I turned on my Tivo after the kids went to bed tonight and realized that one of my ALL time favorite shows season premiere was on!! YAY!

So, it's set up extremely similar to American Idol (format wise)...except it's for DANCIN'. But it's not like Dancing With The Stars (which I'm not in to btw) because it spans many dance genres. And it doesn't include celebrities....these are people who are genuinely talented and want to make a career out of dancing.

Anyway, check it out it's awesome!

Oh, and this is the absolute highlight from last season! It's kinda long, but I promise you'll be laughin' out loud by the end. I don't get tired of watching it!! Jamal gets challenged by the judges to expand his dancing to swing dancing - he says he can do it and they bring him back........and it's all laughs from there!!! I hope you take the time to enjoy this quick directly to your televisions and set it to record the brand new season of "So You Think You Can Dance"!!! You will not be disappointed!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, watch this hilarious video!!

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