Thursday, May 15, 2008

Gotta Work On That....

I had a situation happen the other day that really opened my eyes to something I need to really work on with my children.

Ok, let's back up a little.

I had gotten a shower during nap time - it was a GOOD day! :-) Ok. Since we're going to the lake on Friday I thought I'd do the whole self tanner spray thing for this weekend - we don't want skin cancer now. (BTW, I'm really happy with the way L'oreal Sublime Glow turned out!!). The only thing with that is you have to let it dry for a bit. So I'm doing my hair and makeup giving the self tanner time to dry. (Also, I do have undergarments on!)

After finishing from the neck up, I run into the den and kitchen to check on everyone. Olivia and Landon were up by now. So, I'm in the kitchen prancing around in my undies doing somethin' when I hear a doorbell ring. ::panic racing through body::

The kids RUN to the door and OPEN it saying, "It's our neighbor!"

I'm thinking, are they male or female!!! I certainly can't waltz back through my den in front of whoever is at my door!! I tell Olivia to tell them that mommy can't come to the door right now! Then I faintly hear in a female voice ::thank God:: "Maam, I'm locked out of my house - could I please use your phone!?"

I yell back, "One second, I just got out of the shower!.........OLIVIA COME HERE!!"

I tell her to get me a towel and get the girl the phone!!!

Luckily it was my neighbor's daughter and I was actually able to help her in probably more ways than I realized. Once I got dressed, I let her in and asked her if there was anything I can do to help her. She needed a ride and I was more than happy to take her to where she needed to be going. I told her that's what neighbors were for and she could knock on my door any time!

BUT, back to the place where my kids ran and opened the door to someone they technically didn't know. AH!! I know we've been over this before once or twice, but we apparently need to reinforce the matter! We don't have tons of people come to our door, so it's not at the top of the list in my brain to work on that with them.

Lessoned learned - BIG TIME! I'm frankly a little embarrassed too. She totally figured out what was goin' on after a minute or two. ::sheepish grin:: I mean, I know I'm not the only one runnin' around their own house in their I?? Be honest.........

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  1. That is why we bolt the door - our bolt is the kind that requires the key! We keep the key up high, out of reach. Our 2 love to greet whomever rings the doorbell too! I often think we need to work on this too b/c I know eventually they will need to know how to unlock the door - in case of emergency or something.

    Undies girl here too! I think that is bound to change soon though! JB is not old enough for it to matter yet but he will be before I know it! I have to teach them modesty - it should begin with me huh?! haha


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